View Full Version : List of things just slightly odd/ever notice that

2003-11-30, 19:50
Ok i'm creating a list of things that I find just slightly odd about anime(as opposed to the things that are extremely odd).
Anyways my observation of the day is ever notice that the characters when moving forward are always moving from right to left? This is probably generally to fit for the reading of right to left in the japanese manga.

2003-11-30, 20:20
huh? I don't understand...

2003-12-01, 12:54
excessive use of "... all of a sudden"

2003-12-01, 14:47
Does not compute...

Abort? Retry? Fail?

2003-12-01, 18:03
Heh, I never noticed that. I'm sure characters MUST move from left-right sometimes, but it's true. There seems to be a hell of a lot more left-right pans than right-left pans too.

It must be the reading thing... I cant think of any other reason. Heh, I'll keep an eye out for this for a while.