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2003-12-01, 00:12
I just got done watching episode 26 and wtf just happend. What was so important about that blood in the vile? What happened after Eiji and him were done fighting at the end? Is there going to be an Ova to clear things up? In general im just really confused so post what you do know happened, even if it does not relate to my questions.

2003-12-01, 01:21
I know how you feel. But there is already another thread for this exact topic. Just letting you know since this thread will probally be merged with the otherone or just deleted=).

2003-12-02, 17:21
Hm... if there's another thread on this topic, could someone give me the url?
I have a few opinions about this too ^ ^;

2003-12-02, 19:43
The e's otherwise topic disscusion is located in the fansubs section. I believe it's still close to the top.