View Full Version : thundercats, M.A.S.K, VOLTRON on DVD

2003-12-01, 17:20
Rhino Records, the licensors of Voltron, are asking fans what the company should release on DVD next. The survey, here also includes several of Rhino's non-anime titles such as Transformers and M.A.S.K. Source: Animation Insider

link if you want to vote

2003-12-01, 17:55
That's all nice and good...but did you really need to post this message in 2 boards at once? You did good by posting this in the DVD and licensed section...but you did bad by posting it again in the Fansub section...

Not a very good way to get acquainted with the mods...

2003-12-01, 17:59
Thunder cats and ninja turtles! O my! My fav series ever from the 80's on dvd! I'm almost dieing here im so excited. Those 2 shows r better then most crapy kids animes . Vote for those! and since anime are cartoons those should count under anime as well.

2003-12-02, 01:34
M.A.S.K!!! One of the coolest cartoons with the best theme song. Ma-ma-ma Mask. MASK! Always riding on venoms trail! Come see the laser rays. FIRE AWAAAAAYYY!!!!

I had a crapload of the toys and watched the show everyday after school too.

2003-12-02, 03:24
He-Man is a lot better than one might expect.

2003-12-02, 09:00
I am collecting the Transformers series from G1 onwards, I need Transformers Headmasters... :love: