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2003-12-02, 20:35
Dear all,

would anyone of you happen to know where i can get fansub to the naime Scryed? thanx a million in advance!

2003-12-02, 20:38
Fansubs arn't distrubuted anymore.

Anime was licensed. You may want to try to rent or purchase it from a video store.

2003-12-02, 20:46
I wonder if he lives in another country.

2003-12-02, 20:50
if he does unfortuantly I don't know of any groups that are still distrubuting it.

2003-12-02, 21:07
Well he doesn't say in his/her profile so he could be from the states. Oh well he/she now knows Scryed is licensed.

2003-12-02, 21:13
u can still try kazaa... i downloaded it from there....

2003-12-02, 21:20
Ugh Kazaa is the devil. I'm surprised this thread isn't deleted yet. Hmm you can always order Scryed off the internet. Since it is licensed, it doesn't matter which country he lives in. Go to places like animeondvd.com or something.

2003-12-03, 00:45
Actually, it does matter. Licenses bought by US companies only applies to those on US soil. Therefore, if they are in a country where an anime isn't licensed, it is practically legal to download it, as the license doesn't cover anywhere outside US.

There is no such thing as one license applies to the whole world. If that were true, there would be no fansubs at all since all anime are definitely licensed in Japan already.

2003-12-03, 04:34
im surprised the mods missed this one. you should read the forum rules here http://forums.animesuki.com/announcement.php?f=10

if you live in another country besides the U.S try winmx, never use kazza unless u get kazzalite but check to see if its licensed in your country or not.