View Full Version : Where To Get Anime

2003-12-03, 00:27
Where are good places to download good anime

and i mean GOOD ANIME :)

please tell me i would really appreciate it :)

2003-12-03, 00:43
Here (http://www.animesuki.com) This is the best place so far...cause they have i think every unlicensed fansub anime out there...you should just check Here (http://www.animenfo.com) for reviews and so forth for anime you consider good...

The Xenos
2003-12-03, 07:16
This is like rowing out in the middle of a lake and asking, "Where is a there a good place to swim?"


2003-12-03, 07:22
haha yeah! or like entering a clock store and asking what the time is.. :twitch:

But yeah BitTorrent is probably the best way to find anime :)

2003-12-03, 12:54
LOL :)

um.....this forum is part of the website that provides good anime. for free.

Or you can just buy the licensed once!