View Full Version : What happen to Get Backer

2003-12-03, 13:37
I like that anime series, watched it up till episode 49, suddenly it don't come out any more for 2 months. Is the company dead or something.

2003-12-03, 14:42
No...The company is not dead...but the series is...and there are no buzz for a follow-up season...so, all can be done is wishing away and hoping that some fairy or genie picks up...If you get to them before me can you also wish for a speedy release on the series Kodomo no Omocha aka Kodocha? Thanks in advance....

2003-12-03, 18:56
*haha* yeah... Get Backers ended. Episode 49 was the last one and although there's not buzz for a follow-up season you never know. They MIGHT add in another one, or they might not. *shrugs*

2003-12-04, 21:14
You couldn't have watched it very seriously if you didn't notice that it was the last episode... :eyebrow:

To be fair, it looks like he doesnt know english very well.

2003-12-04, 22:35
That's sad news but I've been to some other forums and they are on the opinion that there will be a 2nd season coming out soon. Unfortunately, that thread isn't up there anymore

They did provide a website about the 2nd season but it was in Japanese... I couldn't understand a thing!!!!! :upset: If I find that website... would someone here be able to read it/?????

2003-12-04, 22:57
Yeah, give me the url and i'll read it.

2003-12-05, 13:08
Alright... well ofcourse this Get Backers series is over but we were talking about another NEW series that they'd make to continue it. We weren't talking about the regular Get Backers series continuing. But anyway, we'll see, there might be another series soon since Ginji and Ban and the rest of the crew still need to take down the rest of "Mugen Jo" or the Infinite Castle [don't know what it's called in English]

2003-12-06, 01:28
Well, I thought that some of those scenes were a little bit stale too but I was more interested to know if they were ever going to destroy the people governing the Castle. Also, I was interested in what would happen to Makubex if they did since his virtual.

I also wanted to find out more about Ban's background, like what was he doing before he met Ginji? It seems like everyone's got a background story except for him and maybe Shido...(can't remember cos I watched 49 so long ago)

By the way, I can't find the site... for one, I only vaguely remember the colours... and two even if I did come across it... it would be in Japanese .........

Lord Raiden
2003-12-06, 01:32
Just to settle this debate, my research over a 3 month period came up with jack squat. Lack of info usually tells me that there will not be a season 2. Plenty of wishful rumors from fans, but no hard evidence from the places that count. I actually had more cases of "No there will not be" than "There might be" and definately no "There will be" leads. Trust me, I used up a lot of favors and plied a lot of links trying to find out if there would be a season 2, and at this point, aside from all the fan rumors, it looks like EP49 was it. Nada, zippo, finite', nothing more.