View Full Version : Is Naruto licensed?

2003-12-03, 23:13
Is Naruto licensed. I wan't to know because i don't wan't to get in trouble downloading it.

2003-12-03, 23:20
It is not announced as being licensed yet (it's always a possiblity for a show to be licensed and no one know because the announcement are MOST of the time made at conventions and things of that such)

2003-12-03, 23:38
Shadowhacker, you can always check the Animesuki.com license list in the main page of that website. If it is not there, most likely its not licensed..

btw outlaw-san, what's the name of that anime in your sig? and thank you for that bender avy...:bow:

2003-12-04, 00:36
No its not licensed. You wouldn't be able to download it here if it was licensed.

To Monir, it looks like the sig is from Outlaw Star and his avatar for me is Stewie, not Bender.

2003-12-04, 06:27
Manga -> YES

Anime -> NO

Of course it's a very wanted property, so count on it being
licensed at some time in the future. But "when" is unknown.

Case closed.