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2004-09-22, 17:42
I'm currently scouraging the net everywhere in lieu of finding Naruto sound effects. Anywhere from "kage bunshin no jutsu" to ... yeah...

I'm doing a Flash animation for school on Naruto. It's a battle between Naruto & Sasuke. Just started it.. very crappy right now but take a look;


Help is much appreciated!

2004-09-22, 18:04
Well, first of all... your flash animation (as far as it is) isn't that bad! *thumb up*
I believe you're a flash beginner as it's for school...

About your prob:

I would take any naruto episode where the sound effects you're looking for are in and record them.


Well....look around the net for programs like virtualdub and co and extract the audio stream from the ´video stream. (just search in the net for divx and co...you'll find something for sure)
Then take a tool to cut out the seconds where naruto screams kage bunshin no jutsu (for example) and if needed rencode it to mp3, realaudio or whatever you want to use with flash (i would prefer mp3). Done! Just search for the wright episode.

Tip: If you can speak btw. read german... I used to be a moderator of a german divx, xvid, dvd, dvb, ... related site which explains all you need to know about audio / video encoding, decoding, manipulating, etc....


btw. the board:


have fun and good luck! :)

2004-09-22, 18:38
All you do is, get virtual dub, load naruto episode, where he says "Kage Bunshin no jutsu" then save teh audio file, then get sound forge, and cut that piece out :naughty:

Is willing to do it.... If you think it's to complicated

2004-09-23, 01:23
actually..a while ago I cut out close to all the Jutsu's in the series...about 50 jutsu's so far, might have missed a few.

But they all there, the whole pack is about 16 MB...if you want me to opload it to you give me a PM.

edit: now that i think of it, most Jutsu's have the background music wich would kinda fuck your flash movie up..so Jutsu's with no additional sound would be.

-fuuinjutsu_fuukahouin (fire seal)
-gijyuu_ninpou_shikyaku_no_jutsu (beast mimicry)
-hyoton_haruimoko (ice dog)
-ninpou_kuchiyose_yatai_kuzuchi_no_jutsu (stand destroyer)
-tanuki_neiri_no_jutsu (forced sleep)

Even tho it's only a fraction of the whole lot, it should get you some fun moments for you flash movie! ill zip em up, just gimme a PM.