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2003-12-04, 18:10
hmmm i am searching for a bt site where i get anime games can someone help me???

thx Lucifer

2003-12-04, 21:33
No, because to do so would be against forum rules. (I'm not aware of any anime games that are distributed under a license which permits free copying, and I'm virtually sure no commercial ones are.)

2003-12-04, 22:18
anygames like KimiNozo(story/drama driven, not so much the H-game) that ended up with an english version.

not looking for a place to download just titles

2003-12-04, 22:38
Anime games are not usually imported (I don't think anyone is going to pick up Azumanga Donjyara Daioh, for example). H-games are often imported shoddily, so that there's a chance of making a profit among the small market of H-game lovers.

Wandering A.I.
2003-12-05, 01:00
>anygames like KimiNozo(story/drama driven, not so much the H-game) that ended up with an english version.

Hmm, Kana -Little Sister-, and Private Nurse were a little more story oriented than the usual dating sim that's been brought over. You can see small descriptions of those two along with some more games at:

Dividead is a classic even, though it's a bit old. ^^ Maybe it's more horror/mystery than story, hmm. I'm not a good person to ask since I like exotic things the most anyway, heh. Dividead and alot of other English games are listed here:
http://www.jastusa.com (click on the Himeya Soft section for Dividead)

> H-games are often imported shoddily

That's odd, I've played a large portion of what's been brought across and found them well done, particularly the translations. See the above links for examples. My only real complaint is that the games tend to be a bit old by the time they get here. So in Popotan for example you have advanced stuff like a rhythm game, moving skies in the background, characters describing their pictures/scenes in the gallery/album mode, etc whereas in most games that have been brought across you are lucky to get just animation scenes or voice over menus.

2003-12-06, 04:21
I was thinking of JAST imports which you can read about on Something Awful. G-Collections does a better job.