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2003-12-04, 19:17
This anime is so good, it's scary. Cold Blooded Killers moving their way up the mafia ladder, what more could you want!? I've never seen good guys so bad.

Don't be fooled by the first "prelude" episode, it has nothing to do with the real storyline. Though it will be something cool to look forward to. Gungrave is similar to Berserk in many ways, but at the same time is very original.

I wish it wasn't already liscenced so more of you could watch it. It's the next great one, in my opinion.

It's all that and a bag of Funions
Menikmati ;)

2003-12-04, 20:57
I've heard lots of good things about it. I've downloaded it but I havent had time to watch it yet. I think I will stop watching crap like Maburaho and watch this instead.

2003-12-05, 06:58
Closed, because:

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