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2003-12-05, 06:57
I just wathced Lunar animes peacemaker kurogene episode 3 and compared it with some other fansubers episode 8 (I will have to look who they were im not at home at the moment) But Im quite confident that atleast both of them are hearing those English parts totally wrong! (for most parts atleast)

actually both of the fansubers had so diffirent translations about the lyrics that I wounld not recognise them as a same song.

Anyway I will try to write the english parts here as i hear them Hopefully it will help those fansub groups that are translating that series.

I have to warn thought I do not know much about japanise so ... I would actually like to disscuss about that does those english words I hear even fit in the Japanise lyrics.... I might be wrong too about these lyrics because the singer just says them q˙ite horribly... but lets forgive him

2003-12-05, 07:17
Yes this happens alot, but i think its "gotta bring soul".

2003-12-06, 19:38
Ok so this is the English parts as I hear em.

The corrections are made to [anime-keep] ep 8 (I should have made it from lunar ep 3 because frankly in some parts it sounds more right...but...)

You gonna feel so

That part sounds about right. I would say its more like be so... but feel so makes sense also. No complaining.

Konya no tame no tobikkiri miraa.

That miraa is english word DINNER it sounds excatly like it .. also its said in a way they say other english words... I cant say that your translation makes any sense in this part. I would say its more like Sexy Gilrs just for DINNER. <- or something Im quite sure about that dinner part.


Actually i have no idea how japanise say their vibration but you should make it their word or just vibration ..(he just might be saying it really badly!) but Iw see so many diffrent words in this spot by different sub groups so somebody just gotto be wrong.

btw. Anime-keep Should really try different fonts and less effects in this karaoke part.. ITs just damn hard to read and last words dissapears right when you see it. ( actually you cant even sing along because you dont see the text advance...)

so this is the most wrong in your translation.
I almost think this gotto be a joke about japanise singer pronouncing words bad because this should be obvious from the the context...

Aisuru yue ni satorei

Satorei IS sadness no mistake abou it! It also fits with the words because there were happiness few lines back! He pronounces it like Sad-de-nes or something completely wrong ofcourse but its still sadness no mistake abou it!

Ok so please correct there errors and continue making quality animefansubs...
Everybody feel free to use these in your future transation of Peacemaker kurogene
You dont even have to thank me or mention me anywhere.

2003-12-07, 05:36
I just chalk it up as being engrish. It doesn't have to make sense. :o