View Full Version : Angelique and Highschool! Kimengumi

2003-12-05, 23:37
Hi, I wasn't really sure whether to put this here or in fansubs because part of my question is whether either of these series have already been licensed (I don't believe so..). I know that fansubs of Angelique exist on VHS, but the subbing group's site no longer exists. As far as Highschool! Kimengumi...I really don't know much about it, except I like the soundtrack. XD Does anybody know if either of these series are available as downloadable fansubs (and could perhaps be added to animesuki? ^_^)

(I'm a new member, too! Hope I don't seem like a total n00b here. XD;)

ichido reichan
2004-01-30, 03:49
well, the same group that released HIGHSCHOOL KIMENGUMI on vhs is the one that is doing it right now for bittorrent, Ritenkyo fan services (now called ritenkyo digital)
so assuming you check the releases everyday, you should see it today there.

As for ANGELIQUE, my ex partner anime goddesses released it on tape but I cant reccomend her enough because she rip off a lot of people before her trip to japan.