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2003-12-06, 08:57
Hi. I'm new. :D

I love Shinichiro Watanabe's work (Macross Plus, Cowboy Bebop, Animatrix), and was wondering if anyone knows what he is working on now, or if he has commited to any future projects (new Lupin III movie maybe?). Also, does anyone know of any other anime productions he has been involved with? (I know he worked on a hentai movie called Sei Sei or something like that in the early 90's... not interested in that sort of thing.)


2003-12-06, 09:10
Shinichiro Watanabe-sama is currently working on Samurai Champloo, a new samurai anime that's scheduled for early 2004. Anyways, it's already licensed by Pionner. More info, see the oficial site: http://www.samuraichamploo.com/.

Oh yeah, looks like it'll kick ass, as the majority of his works.

2003-12-06, 09:18
Woh... Thanks for the link Vicious.

Jus saw the pics and the trailer ( lots of squares :mad: )...

Looks to have lots of style as his previous work, I will be looking forward to it. :D