View Full Version : RahXephon OVA?

Moon The Cat
2003-11-04, 23:30
I saw it on anime.mircx.com, has anyone watched it yet? I'm curious what this is about.

2003-11-05, 01:49
It's a 15 minute show about Quon having a really boring dream. I haven't seen Rah in many months so I don't remember when she passed out in the show specifically. I don't know, I'm a big fan of RahXephon but I can't figure out the point of the OVA. Maybe it's just been too long.

2003-11-05, 03:28
It came with the game.

2003-11-05, 09:13
Even as a big fan of RahXephon, to watch this was was boring as hell. Don't take me wrong, I *love* deep anime with loads of character analysis, background, side stories etc., but after the fifth "Ra-ra / La-La" reply I completely lost interest and skipped to the ending theme (nice one; haven't heard it in a while ;)) ...

2003-11-05, 17:48
We don't need 3 threads of this. I already merged 2, this one is closed.