View Full Version : Anyone know what that anime suggestion website is?

2003-12-06, 23:53
I saw a website once, where you click on a series you liked, and it'll bring up a list of other recommended series you might like as well.

Can anyone tell me what that site is?

2003-12-07, 07:28
Akemi's Anime World (http://animeworld.com/) has something like that.
There's a "Similar" section in most of the reviews.

2003-12-07, 07:43
i am highly guessing you are thinking of my site, since nothing like it really exists anywhere else (except for a crappy version on animenfo ;))

click the link in my signature, or go to http://www.anime-planet.com , and click Anime Recommendations

soon ill be adding two things to the entries in the database:

1) the link to the series fansub discussion thread in the forum (where, basically, you can click on a thread for a series, and see which fansub version people think you should download),

2) helpful information icon.. this will contain things like, suggested order of viewing for certain related series (example: kenshin ova, vs. tv series, vs. movie), or maybe things like composer information, or other random interesting facts.

anyways, yea. check it out ^_^

2003-12-07, 18:47
YES sothis that was the site thank you :)