View Full Version : Peace Maker Kurogane 5 (Slight spoilers)

2003-11-06, 02:23
Just finished watching this, and although the series is good it's not really..progressing. I feel kind of like each episode is a repeat of the last except in different places and different chores to do.

They seemed to give a hint at some conflicts to come in the last couple episodes, but I really hope they start getting to the point soon. At this rate it'll be up to 20 episodes and nothing will have happened yet.

What do you all think will happen in the up-coming episodes?

2003-11-06, 02:39
Well this episode was a bit slow, not much action but it is still story development at this point. The preview for next episode seems exciting enough though as it is titled "Fight".

I'm not sure about other people but it is sort of refreshing to see some story instead of constant actions. It may not hold the attention of those ADHD 13 years old kids but it is fine with me so far. Anyhow, if history is any indication then I'm pretty sure we'll see some major conflict pretty soon.

2003-11-06, 03:12
Although I also like Peacemaker so far, I fet that the last ep was very boring, and I was wondering when they would get on with the story. Every ep so far just seemed to introduce a character. At this rate we won't see many major things happening in the series. If this is (anybody know the total episode count?) intended to be a 26+ episodes series, then I'm ok with it so far. But if otherwise then we only have some 20 episodes to go for things to really pick up.

2003-11-06, 03:44
I thought the story progressed in this one more than it did in eps4. I think they are spending too much time on the "page" thing but the fact that it has "peacemaker" in the title means the boy probably won't be a fighter/killer but something else sorta like kenshin or something. However they didn't give souji any screentime.. I gotta see that pretty face

2003-11-06, 05:40
this anime is disappointing

there's nothing much happening atm and the story is SOOO SLOW!

2003-11-06, 17:05
and not to mention, complicated...has anyone yet got the purpose of showing all those previous episodes? what are they trying to set up? the show tries to concentrate at way too many characters at once...I still havent figure it out who is the main character although from Animenfo.com reviews it to be the little-guy with red hair (forgot his name) is the main character...From all these new anime shows this one is the worst IMO.