View Full Version : I need Help!!!!

2003-11-06, 21:17
hey since shaman king and hajime no ippo is licensed where can i download it??

Something instead of kazaa becasue of the thing happening to kazaa users

2003-11-06, 21:19
your not allowed to ask for links or the whereabouts of licensed anime on ere ^_^

*wow i sound all mod and stuff*

2003-11-06, 21:27
o sorry
my bad

2003-11-06, 21:30
no tis okeys ya didnt know ^__^

2003-11-06, 23:39
... lol you are funnny...i dont like you

if you do not share on kazaa, riaa wont come after you. plus if you share none of their songs, they have no grounds for a lawsuit. if they still sue you, it will be thrown out because of the illegal way that they obtained the info.

so kazaa is safe...

but dont download either of those series, they are good on DVD...

2003-11-06, 23:50
If you're desperate. Shaman King is on the Fox Box Saturday mornings. That's if you're really desperate....

2003-11-07, 03:02
Closed now..