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2003-11-03, 17:38
some one send me a luffy avatar at qswa_1@hotmail.com

2003-11-03, 17:47
Havn't you said that once? And where can you get avatars?

2003-11-03, 18:09
There is a magical thing called google!

www.google.com HTH

2003-11-03, 18:11
Yea, google = best source to find images etc... or anything for that matter...I always tell people before they ask me something to google search before they do Lol :p

2003-11-03, 18:40
Yea, google = best source to find images etc... or anything for that matter...I always tell people before they ask me something to google search before they do Lol :p

Actually it's pretty crappy when it comes to pictures.

I searched for Shaman King the other day and I got tons of Yaoi.

2003-11-03, 20:55
JAppi: wouldn't suprise me

2003-11-03, 22:44
Search in google ofcourse like everyone says, or you could ask someone to make one for you. And you can learn ^^

Brass Torin
2003-11-03, 22:45
Another One Piece fan? You can check out my site (which has not been updated in a loooong time) members.rogers.com/iborg5

Just don't take any pictures without e-mailing me first ( I screen grabbed and/or scanned alot of these myself).

2003-11-03, 23:25
Humm~ as ~Jewelry* hinted, try asking someone to make you one in the workshop thread.

I think you'll find that posting requests for people to email you "stuff", be it avatars or anything else, probably won't get you much of a response. It looks as if you want everyone else to do all the hard work for you. In any case, you should have more than enough options open to you by now so you can find an avatar, even if no one emails ;)

Mr. Bushido
2003-11-06, 01:18
Google works good, i found good ones. Sorry i deleted all the Luffy avatars ive ever had... U might want to try out k-f.cjb.net and check out the forum there. Those guys are more likely to get good ones.

btw: while we're on one piece. Luffy vs. Zoro? who will win? We know tat Luffy is technically stronger, but Luffy's greatest weakness is Zoro's greatest strength: Blades. And Zoro could've beaten Arlong if it wasnt for his wounds. dont you think?

2003-11-06, 02:00
har har... if zoro has his blade, i think he would definitely beat luffy. i mean come on, it's Zoro for *$#% sake!

but, seriously, luffy, the best place to learn how to make avatars is here in the animesuki forum. cry your woes and someone will eventually break down and tell you how to do it. you'll need some apps though... and you'll need to check out the workshop threads.

Mr. Bushido
2003-11-06, 02:09
dont know how to use spoiler tag, i believe its different from the old animsuki forum but if u havent watched the latest OP eps from
k-f (67) then dont read the passage below

well, zoro and luffy gets in a fight, and they seem rather equal. Luffy tends to block zoro's attack before the blade comes is near him, in other words, luffy fists strike at zoro's.

Zoro is the best tho cuz he has strength similar to Luffy, and he can kick hard too. but no one can match his sword skill on the straw hat pirates' crew.

EDIT: ya heard that Luffy? He thinks i can kick ur arse! hahahaha

2003-11-06, 13:34
there friends who cares but luffy would win![FONT=Comic Sans MS]

Mr. Bushido
2003-11-06, 21:51
only problem w/ luffy's fighting is it lacks a good defense. Sure he can take any kinda brute attack. But being cut is really bad for him. I mean hea can take buggy and kuro's blade attacks, but zoro cuts iron chains. that are like 10 inches thick. Zoro is faster, Luffy is stronger.

But we'll never know, since the only time they fought, they were in equal grounds

2003-11-06, 23:55
if your still looking for a luffy avi go herehttp://jibrille.altervista.org/index2.html click sections at the top to take you to the avitars

2003-11-07, 16:47
i got some thanks everone!