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2003-11-06, 23:24
I knew that these was a PS2 game but i dint know that it was also an anime. But i cant find it anywhere. Dose anyone know where to get these anime from. PLZ somoene tell me.

2003-11-06, 23:30
Gungrave is licensed. So we can't tell you where it is... Sorry... Buy the DVDs when they come out.

Dark Blade Outlaw
2004-02-16, 23:26
I dunno if its licensed or not but i still download it. To me gun grave is one of the most action/dramatic animes out there i dont see why it doesnt have its own discussion is the series section. For crying out load we have Kimi ga Nozomu Eien in that section and that anime series isnt as tight as GunGrave. Im caught up in the series just like im caught up in Naruto. I cant stop watching them both. GunGrave is vaguely familiar. It kinda Reminds me of HELLSING, which is like one of the best Vampire series I've ever seen. Tons of shootings, people who can die, MAFIA. It has everything a loves to see and for the girls it has the Drama. Somebody please comment on this.

2004-02-17, 00:10
Probably doesnt have its own forum because it is licensed. Dont compare the show to Hellsing because that would be an insult.

2004-02-17, 00:20
i agree with Dark Blade, GG is an awesome anime and i think it's even better than hellsing though it's very different

Prince of Chronics
2004-02-17, 00:20
yeah gungrave is indeed a dope show... there's a thread for discussion in the dvd and licensed boards...

2004-05-02, 07:46
I'm just wandering why gungrave is not here as a torrent fiel.. noone wants to post it or what? It gets so great reviews so I'm surpriced it's not here.. :hmm:

2004-05-02, 07:59
It is licensed that's why

2004-05-02, 08:01
AnimeSuki only provides fansubs of unlicensed animes.
So you won't get any help if you need to get things like this here ^^

2004-05-02, 08:17
If you still want to know what others thought about it, check here :)