View Full Version : What is a good fighting anime to download?

2003-11-07, 14:54
Hey everyone I need some suggestions on what to download off animesuki that has alot of fighting and action in it and some blood of course. So could you please give me some suggestions thank you

2003-11-07, 15:11
try Peace Maker Kurogane

Nagare Ryouma
2003-11-07, 15:38
Shin Hokuto No Ken (aka New Fist of the North Star), that's got a lot of fighting.... and it's got the blood part that you'll be satisifed with..

2003-11-07, 15:42
Naruto and Hajime no Ippo

2003-11-08, 07:13
also check out hunter x hunter

2003-11-08, 09:58
these r the fighting anime:

shadow skill, condor hero, grappler baki, peace maker, new fist of the northstar

these r the fighting & action anime:
naruto, getbackers, es otherwise, sayuki reload, full metal alchemist

2003-11-09, 08:20
Don't forget Air Master.

2003-11-27, 04:31
Weiss Kreuz Gluehen

2003-11-28, 14:55
peace maker kurogane
get backers

2003-11-28, 18:10
Ironic that a "peace maker" has to fight, eh?

Have you seen Dragon Ball Z? There's no anime better than it in terms of fighting. Definitely check out its 1000+ episodes of pure fighting gold. Nothing's better than watching two guys with their clothes torn 1/2 off screaming for hour intervals for no reason. Oh yeah, the dramatic pauses where the fighters stare each other down for a few minutes is also equally exciting.

2003-11-29, 21:37
i'm fairly surprised no one has mentioned Scryed yet. my favorite fighting series of all time.

Gen B
2003-12-01, 01:35
yeah, i second Air Master. can't believe it's not mentioned as much. it should be the very first thing that comes to mind when talking about fighting.

2003-12-04, 18:17
Yea Dbz has the best fighting around i will say Gt and even dragonball. Naruto is my next choice.

2003-12-05, 00:19
well...even if you can't download it here, here are some good fighting anime

1) Dragonballz
2) Naruto
3) Inuyasha

2003-12-05, 04:03
And of course the newly found treasure One Piece.

2003-12-06, 01:48
Here's your one stop shop for fighting anime

Grappler Baki 1&2: pure fighting with over the top moves and awsome fight scenes

Air Master: Tall chick who kicks major ass and also gets worked a little too

Shadow Skill: tale about fighters from other lands and struggle to prevent a war

Naruto: Ninjas who fight to become higher ranking ninjas and the plot to overthrow the main country during a major tournament: main character is fused with a demon

New Fist of the Northstar: extremely violent and heads a explodin'

Avenger: Set on mars after a major accident involving earth, dark anime

Condor Hero: An orphan learns kung-fu to become the strongest fighter like his former father was.

These i don't really consider fighting anime but does have some fight scenes:

Peace Maker Kurogane: about an annoying brat trying to become a samurai to avenge his father's death

Get Backers: about a couple of detective types who do random jobs for people to get their stuff back

Saiyuki Reload: based off the journey west storyline with the monk Genjou Sanzo

These have been licensed but you might still be able to find em:

Hajime no Ippo: boxing anime about a japanese boxer trying to become the best

Ikkitousen(aka panty shot the anime): about the fighters from different schools and their destiny's that have to do with the three kingdom's era

2004-02-08, 17:09
Get Backers

2004-02-11, 20:43
Don't forget Air Master.

I just downloaded and watched the first ep.
:eyespin: OMFG
I gotta burn that and show it to my friends.

2004-02-11, 21:54
i'm fairly surprised no one has mentioned Scryed yet. my favorite fighting series of all time.Maybe because it's licensed and he wanted anime to download :thinker:

Nine Devil
2004-02-13, 19:08
Well if you want the best out of the best watch DBZ its the best anime ever made(many many disagree) but its true none off the current anime's came near to the popularity of DBZ.So watch it.

2004-02-13, 20:26
How about Mezzo DSA? That's got some good action and fighting and it's available to download.

2004-02-13, 20:39
If you havn't seen Hajime no Ippo, then you havn't seen a good fighting anime (regardless of whether or not you like boxing).

2004-02-13, 20:39
So sorry. I misunderstood -- no licensed anime suggestions, eh?

Well, I've got nothing to say. Enjoy what the others have pitched.

Youko Recca
2004-02-13, 22:06
Try Flame of Recca, link removed

2004-02-14, 11:58
As stated in the rules (http://forums.animesuki.com/announcement.php?f=15), posting links to licensed anime isn't allowed. Be more careful next time :)

2004-04-11, 03:14
I would also strongly recommend Scryed, one of the best anime I've seen. And despite the fact that it is licensed, it can be downloaded using almost any downloading/sharing program like Kazza or Imesh, thats how I got them. I would also recommend Trigun, Hellsing, and Full Metal Alchemist .