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2007-09-17, 21:28
Have you ever just randomnly formed a scene from an anime in your mind out of the blue? For some reason, you can recall that scene pefectly, every detail that was there, all the colors, the clothes, and position of all the characters that where there. It's happened to me quite a lot, so I was just wondering what scenes get *stuck* in your head?

The final episode, where Takayuki was in a blue suit looking into a shop window with Haruka's published picture book for sale, then he smiles.

The last scene of the anime, where Akane's voice still narrates Haruka's picture book with ending of the ED playing, and the visual is just simply a picture of all four characters in high school, zooming out.

The elevator scene, when Syaoran screams out Sakura's name and when she floats back up, he hugs her.

All of the scenes showing Nadeshiko as an angel: watching Sakura hand over a gift for her picture, hovering over Sakura's bed when she was sick, watching Sakura's father and great-grandfather make up, etc....

The last anachronic episode, where Kyon kissed Haruhi and the surroundings warp back into reality.

The scene where Hiroki and Sayuri meet in the same room but in two different worlds, yet they can feel each other's touch and briefly communicate telepathically, renewing their promise.

The flashback scene of Setsuko where she puts the "food" on the stick and raises it up to her mouth then fades away to the scenery.

The scene in episode one when Takaki and Akari meet, Akari grabbing onto Takaki's jacket and they both just stop and cry.

The scene in the music video of Akari meeting the man of her dreams and the scenes flash by with the beats of the music, ending with Akari's smile.

2007-09-17, 21:33
I haven't seen most of the ones that you listed, but I agree with SHnY one. Other than that one the only other scene that stands out in my mind is:

The scene where the Archangel is about to be destroyed at Alaska and the Freedom shows up and pwns.

Terrestrial Dream
2007-09-17, 21:51
Gaogaigar- First time I saw Final Fusion, I will never forget that moment.When all the three GGG ship were doing something at the last battle, I was thinking "What are they going to turn into giant Goldion Hammer or something?" and I was right, then I saw the Goldion Crusher I thought "wow, that's really big" Then Gaogaigar used Goldion Crusher, I was speechless, it was freaking huge!
When Lyn Mimmay was singing DYRL at the last battle
The ending I can't not describe in any word how I felt at the end, after I saw 12000 years later when Noriko and Kazumi saw the Earth
Race between Hayato and Kaga, amazing and how Kaga wins.

2007-09-20, 12:12
Oh yes...most definatly happens all the time...Not always the same..some of the ones that have happend more then once are

Episode 25 when L dies, and Light is holding him..though he was happy he was dead and he made himself look sad..I belive the had a special bond, and a part of him was sad

The scen where Kurilen was killed by Freezia...I find it funny for some reason XD

Scene where Hikaru said he was going to try and become a Insei and then everyone got Silent and he was like What?

2007-09-21, 04:30
I was haunted by several scenes from kanon 06 for a while. Especially the makoto vanishing scene, and the ayu digging and vanishing scenes. :(

2007-09-21, 08:58
Ashitaka riding on Yakul though the forest at the beginning of Miyazaki's Mononoke Hime. The most breathtakingly beautiful scene I have ever seen in a "cartoon." Probably did more to encourage me to watch anime than any other event.

aka Providence
2007-09-25, 00:05
(final episode)As Spike fights his way toward to where Vicious is in the final episode while the ending song, The Real Folk Blues, is the music in the background.

(final episode)When Matsuda fires the gun at Light's hand before he write's Near's name in the Death Note. That, and as everything begins to fall downhill for Kira, with the coup de grace of Ryuk writing his name on the Death Note. (the manga version had more impact to me, though)

When Rock lights Revy's cigarette with his own. There's something oddly romantic about it.

anime ronin
2008-08-27, 01:27
yup... they always hit me and then get stuck for a couple weeks like a splinter, or a bad bee sting.

almost the whole series from when makoto confessed to sekai to the end... i still have sudden thoughts every now and then that strike my heart.

like that 3 part episode of kaede just losing it. and the part wee asa and that main character guy kissed.

when the music started to hit and that girl died

the last episode

like almost the whole series

the scene were kei walked in hiro's room and saw miyako in the bed with him. and when renji hugged chihiro and those chains broke off on her.

2008-08-27, 13:31
The scene where Mugen and Jin both fight against Kariya Kagetoki, simply because the fight was so exciting and the animation was full of clarity

2008-08-28, 08:52
The gang all looking for four leaf clovers on the riverbank is the definitive scene of this series.
The scene where Mayama's put an alarm on Rika's bag so she won't sneak out of the hotel without him, and he breaks down in tears begging her not to throw her life away. That's such a powerful scene that I was tearing up just writing about it.
When Takemoto opens the sandwiches Hagu gave him in the final episode.

Miyako's 99 calls to Hiro.
Renji going round town collecting Chihiro's scattered 'memories', and arriving back at the station where they met clutching all he could find, with
his clothes in tatters.

The whole 'one more time, one more chance' sequence. That second train is a heartbreaker...

2008-08-28, 16:25
Sakura leaps toward Syaoran. Sakura smiles and Syaoran makes a flabbergasted or nervous expression, for a lack of a better adjective

A brainwashed Erica shoots her beloved boyfriend Richard No matter how much time has passed, I still can't forget that scene, even though I haven't rewatched it in years.

Hiroki and Elise's similar paintings are both vivid scenes. The way Hiroki presents his painting to Elise is beautiful and unforgettable. They then speak to each other "That dream, That color" and clasp each other's hands.

At the end of final episode Fuuko tries to run after Hibiki sensei's train but fails. Then an imaginary scene appears with Fuuko going to embrace her teacer.

Purple Madness
2008-09-01, 12:50
The death of L.

When Satou-san talks to the PC,TV, Microwave (among other things). I wish I did that


When Trunks arrives & kills Frieza...And I haven't seen that in years.

2008-09-01, 21:58
In Koi Kaze, the scene of a guy sniffing his 15-year old sister's bra is very frighteningly vivid.

2008-09-01, 23:36
The last episode when Saber had to go back to her own time and be separated from Shirou forever.... saddest moment in all animes T_T

This series was the one with the most sad / tearing moments for me. The fox girl or the one that didnt age (with the winged school bag)

When they promised each other in that little church and then Saito preparing to charge alone towards the enemy army.

At the last fight when Monoke started crying blood tears when she thought that guy died to save her. Really moving since you could feel how pure and devoted was her love for that guy. Cant remember his name though...

Those loli girls holding bloody hatchets is creepy.... specially when that girl kept hitting herself in the head with the kitchen knife

I cant remember what anime was it but there was one with a scene were there was this girl talking inside a telephone booth and you would see the a countdown every second while they were trying to talk to each other... the effect was simply marbelous / amazing

2008-09-02, 07:58
I cant remember what anime was it but there was one with a scene were there was this girl talking inside a telephone booth and you would see the a countdown every second while they were trying to talk to each other... the effect was simply marbelous / amazing

It was "ef - A Tale of Memories"

and the first time I watched it, I thought the countdown was great too. Second time around, I was REALLY annoyed at it cuz I was actually paying attention to the 'countdown timer.'

They literally counted every single number one by one!!! >_<

2009-05-20, 06:41

This vivid scene from I My Me Strawberry Eggs was so emotionally intense it made my heart beat fast It had a dramatic effect on my mind.

2009-05-20, 15:20
The last episode when Saber had to go back to her own time and be separated from Shirou forever.... saddest moment in all animes T_T
I Read the earlier posts, but none of them could I recall that well. This Fate Stay Night scene, however, was easy to remember as I used to watch it quite the few times.
The colours were so prettyful.~

Those loli girls holding bloody hatchets is creepy.... specially when that girl kept hitting herself in the head with the kitchen knife
-nods- All the torture/bloody scenes in Higurashi are hard to banish from mind once you've seen them. *sweatdrop*
Rena's Imochikaerii~ - eh, about all of them from chair to maid costumes - are easy to recall, too.

2009-05-21, 00:28
who can forget

EVA01 went berserk against 3rd angel, and berserk against 15th angel then eats it after, and more eva01 berserk scenes.

EVA01 vs mass produced eva units

agree on the blood baths in higurashi:D

death of nagisa, tomoya and ushio's reunion trip, i could not stop crying :sad:

death of nina and her dog

bike-fu and wheel chair-fu :D

2009-05-21, 03:06
Final Fusion....

2009-05-21, 04:19
Although I hear a lot of people didn't like it, the Wolf Rain ending scenes from the series finale is something that will probably stick with me.

The final Kazuma/Ryuho Alter battle.
^What probably keep those on my mind is the music that went along with those scenes.

However, what'll probably stick with me regardless of music is. . .

Kenshin's demise on the Reflections OVA will probably stick with me for as long as I watch anime. I didn't exactly like the way he went out, but it was oddly fitting for him, to die so quietly. . .

2009-05-21, 14:51
major Kusanagi giving a HEAD KICK to the sexy doctor in ep22 of SAC.

That's the very definition of OWNAGE> I replay that scene alot and scream OOOOOWWWWNEEDD!!!! Crocop-style!

Everything, from Sano's stance to the way her glasses flew off while Kusanagi's heel smashed her cheek, I remember it perfectly!

2009-05-21, 15:01
X ending, so many years passed, I still remember it as watched today. I have no clue why...

2009-05-22, 08:34
Cowboy Bebop