View Full Version : Avenger-Who likes it and is Anime Keep still subbing it?

2003-11-09, 04:03
I kinda like Avenger, but I am wondering if Anime Keep is still fansubbing it because they haven't released one in a while? What do you guys think of the show?

Wandering A.I.
2003-11-09, 09:23
Doesn't A-K have a website/forum/channel? You'll probably have better luck checking/asking at those than an unaffiliated place like this. I mainly watch the raws so don't take this as casting aspersions on any group, but I suspect Avenger is going to be like .hack//Sign - you aren't going to see a good translation unless it's licensed and done professionally anyway. So lack of fansub groups picking it up isn't that terrible IMHO.

I like it, btw. You get to see the end of humanity as we know it, dying out in little selfish pockets. The show goes out of it's way to display characters' emotions, expressions, and feelings (and uses the music to highlight these) rather than packaging everything in cheap, faked up dialogue like most anime. Characters are nice and complex and you have to figure them and their past out by what they've become and how they act rather than being handed some unrealistically simple capsule story (and the other characters have to do the same in relating to each other).

2003-11-09, 14:26
Avenger is still on A-Keeps "Active Project" list so that means they're still subbing it...it's probably been a while since a new release but they are doing like 12 other series...so to me i can be patient....they have many things to focus on besides just one project

2003-11-09, 22:02
i am patient too, but i was just wondering if they still had plans for it. unfortunately i don't know japanese so i rely on fansubs and anime keep is one of the best. they did however do a bad job of subbing avenger's first ep but have done well with the other eps.

2003-11-10, 01:43
If they drop it, they'll let people know on their website.

Why do people still expect fansubbers to have some sort of schedule to stick to? sheesh. The episodes get done when they get done.

2003-11-10, 01:57
Thankfully, that is the general sentiment...can you imagine the fate of the moderators if things were different? *high pitched scream*

2003-11-11, 16:26
I dont see why it would be dropped it is one of the more popular animes out now and there are about 5 fansub groups doing it.

Its on my list of top 6 must haves.

1) Avenger

2) Shingetsutan Tsukihime

3) Mermaid's Forest

4) Kimiga Nozomu Eien

5) Yami to Boushi no Hon Tabibito

6) Da Capo

Didnt include Happy Lesson Advance as there is only 1 episode left.