View Full Version : whats going on with E's Otherwise

2003-11-09, 10:56
I'm just curiouis with whats going on with the series E's Otherwise?? I've watched up to ep 24 and waiting for some more action .....does anyone know whats happening with the series?? is it being licenced or stoped making ???

whats going on ???

2003-11-09, 11:07
the las t episode 24,its only been 2 weeks since it was 1st released,just stay calm

2003-11-09, 15:49
http://forums.animesuki.com/showthread.php?t=123 <----that's what's going on with Anime-Blitz. No clue what Anime-Cookies is up to, though.

Lord Raiden
2003-11-09, 15:57
Wow, I guess this gives me a bit more incentive to learn Japanese then. Make myself useful around here. ;)