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2003-11-09, 15:52
Maburaho is GREAT ANIME!!!!

I noticed that Maburaho is based on a Manga Anime, right?
If anyone knows whats going to happen later on the future episodes please post it!

Lord Raiden
2003-11-09, 15:55
Bad news. There's already another thread on this thread here:


Might want to read it and post there.

2003-11-09, 19:38
you sure that exist??? screen just go blank...
Any ways... tell me where to go then... wut section is it at...

Lord Raiden
2003-11-09, 21:14
IT's in the fansubs forum.

2003-11-10, 03:25
As has been suggested, please post all followups to Watch Maburaho.