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2003-11-09, 18:55
Now that the first volume of the second Nuku Nuku OAV series is out, I want to know if it's any good. I picked up the original OAV series disc over the summer and laughed myself silly, but I understand Dash is completely serious. Does the serious approach work? At the moment, the green-haired "Atsuko" Nuku puts me off on the character designs anyway...

2003-11-10, 19:21
the 2nd ova series is my favorite of all 3 series. it is a bit more series but it does not lose the humour at all. actually, i watch this one first before i even watch the first ova and tv series.

for me, the hair color doesnt really bother me that much.... yeah, i agree that pink hair looks better.... :naughty:

2004-03-29, 20:54
Hey, I got the first volume of Nuku Nuku Dash. I thought it was pretty good. needed more comedy tho. any ideas when the second volume is available?

"Either you all give yourselves up and let us beat you up a little - though not too much, because we are firmly opposed to needless violence - or we blow up this entire planet... and one or two others that we noticed on the way over."

2004-03-29, 21:04
Dash is... well, more of an action series than a comedy one. Everything considered, I prefer the original Nuku Nuku OAV to this one.

It's not straight wacky fun like the TV series. It's a bit more serious than the original OAV. It does rely a bit too much on the superhero cliches, especially the whole bit about nobody recognizing you because you suddenly have a mask.

If you like generic action anime with a simple-pretending-to-be-deep plot (not such a bad thing), some comedy (but not too much), and a slight dash (pun unintended) of futuristic magical girl, you'll probably like this one. Otherwise, try to rent instead of buying.