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2004-02-02, 20:58
Ive bin thinking about making a naruto class for DnD to play wit my friends and i would also like to try to make a naruto campain setting but it would be really hard......anyways, I was just wondering what chu guys thought about this and if you had any Ideas.

2004-02-02, 21:56
well consider clases gone......you'd have to think of a good way to do the chakra.....you'd have to modify the monk class from 3e but it'd could be done

2004-02-02, 23:57
If you're going to work heavily with chakra and jutsus (which you're going to if you want a Naruto campaign), it would probably be worth your time to either:

a) Make a ninja prestige class that fits your needs without being over-powered, probably something that would begin after a few levels of monk, or
b) Make your own system, as it might actually be easier to complete then. The hardest part would be to work out the fairness between ninja classes.

I've actually considered b, but it would be quite an undertaking if you did it how I wanted to (ie: create different classes of ninja, just like how Lee is a different "kind" of ninja from Naruto or Sasuke)... but there might actually be support for a ninja oriented system IF it was done well enough...

2004-02-03, 00:14
yeah thats kinda how i wanna try and do it with the differnt classes of ninjas.
and i was gonna try and do the jutsus kinda like spells in DnD exept insead of having a certian number of spells per day you have a certian amount of chakra that each jutsu takes up and you can increase your chakra by training(tree climbing, water walking).
as far as classes i was thinking a few might be like, taijutsu ninja, summoner ninja, illussion ninja, anbu ninja, and some sort of well rounded ninja class(need good sounding name).
and as you level up you have to take test to recieve new ninja ranks. I was thinking about having the test just be that you have to be a ninja of the lvl that your trying to obtain in a 1 on 1 fight becuase it would be kinda hard to do the chunin type test.

well if i ever get done with this and people sound interested ill post it up on this board.

A Lamer
2004-02-03, 17:32
I had some brain storms about how you could execute it, but I tend to change subjects and then go back to them alot, it would seem more incoherent in a post, My point being, if you want we can talk about it over aim or something, at the time of posting I tried messaging you, but you're not online.

2004-02-03, 18:10
My AIM SN is Lunchboxx496. Im almost always online so yeah if you have any sugjestions it be great.

2004-02-03, 20:46
Hmm...sounds like a good idea, how about for classes, u have the different clans like Hyuga, Uciha, and stuff like that

2004-02-03, 23:10
I was thinking for differernt classes there would be different types of ninjas but i do wanna find some way to add the advance bloodlines/clans into it, I was thinking that i could people in the group role to see who gets to choose a clan limiting it to only like 1 or 2 people per group depending on how many people.

2004-02-03, 23:37
I've found the Exalted setting is much easier to adapt to the Naruto setting, just treat charms like Jutsu's and it almost sets itself up as if it were made just for Naruto

2004-02-04, 00:39
yeah i think ive seen Exalted at the store before, ill check it out....thanx

2004-02-04, 04:02
The sheer thought of calculating Kage Bunshin. Let alone 1,000 kage bunshin makes my head hurt. I have actually made Naruto characters but I used the Blood of Heroes game. (formerly known as DC Heroes) You can make powers fatiguing to simulate chakra use. And with the ability to push stats with Hero points (xp) it also completes circle of chakra usage.

2004-02-04, 11:24
Actually, if you dont mind the rules being a slight bit more complicated than standard D20 dungeons and dragons, you could check out Ninjas & Super Spys by Palladium books.

- Point based spell system and Chi system, which would likely convert realy easily to a Naruto like Chakara system.
- More Martial arts than you can shake a stick at.

Perhaps throw in Palladium's Mystic China source book for extra material, and maybe their Heroes Unlimited 2nd Edition (thats going out on a limb, but heroes is great for making people with bizzare superpowers (stuff like Radar sense, perfect for Neiji types)) and you could get some really kickass naruto style characters going.

The only downside is that their rules system is a tad more complicated than D20 games, making it a turn off for a lot of people.

Penguin Knight
2004-04-04, 05:45
I've been in thr process of creating a Naruto campaign setting for a little while now. I have a few base classes created so you can customize your ninja and am making prestige classes and epic classes for more advanced characters.

About the bloodline, I feel that it should be a template, a template working like an add-on race, on your character during creation. So for the Uchiha blooline, you could have it so that you need to make a "spellcraft" check in order to understand the jutsu, but having this ability adds a +x to the characters level. (level adj.)

Anyway, I have a ton of ideas and a lot of things working quite well for it, but I still could use some help on a lot of things. (such as coming up with specifics for all of the jutsu) So, if you're interested in seeing what I've got and maybe wanting to help me, send me an e-mail to anarchy_penguin@pol.com.

-~ Ciao.

Anarchy Penguin the Penguin Knight (PK)

Copy Ninja
2004-04-04, 06:45
the ninjas in naruto can easily be done by having a thief/mage dual class character
thats the easiest place to start and only slight modifications are needed.
(from spell points to chakra points...)

2004-04-04, 14:12
Weep Weep Geek-o-meter Overload Weep Weep

2004-04-04, 15:19
the ninjas in naruto can easily be done by having a thief/mage dual class character
thats the easiest place to start and only slight modifications are needed.
(from spell points to chakra points...)
The complication: Bloodlines :)

2004-04-04, 18:05
Actually if you play Shadowrun its insanely easy to throw in a Naruto type archtype using the Adept powers as the pallette, and its really balanced. We did it, and we had a blast.

2004-04-08, 13:03
I created a Naruto D20 system. I'm now preparing to run my second game with the system after refining the original system. The idea I used for classes was to create a priority system based on 8 categories with which you have 16 points to put in to them or they all start at 2 on the priority list which include Chakra, HP, BAB, Defense, Saves, Skills, Feats, Techniques.


2004-04-08, 13:59
Use VP/WP system from SWRPG D20. That would work very well for naruto.

2004-04-08, 19:24
God...I haven't played a DnD game in ages.
I' d be more inclined to get a hold of a GBA homebrew kit and create a Naruto RPG that way. That way EVERYONE on here can have it.
Alas I have never tried to make a GBA game so if anyone has experience then you should give it a try.

2004-04-08, 22:03
Ok wait a second... people still play that? OMG... That's kinda scary but kinda kewl at the same time. I would like to play. But you are programming this right?... You better not be doing this with pencils and paper... Thats like tooo ubah old school for me. I mean... who uses paper anymore?!?!? But seriously is this all text based roleplaying?

2004-04-16, 21:18
My friend and I made a naruto pen and paper rpg, loosely based on the whitewolf system. Its got clans, techniques, skills, all that stuff. check it out.


2004-04-17, 02:50
Acctually I had a forum RPG running for a week that was about the naruto world. It wouldn't last long, since it was waay to much work for admins, but if anyone has a good system and a running RPG, I'd be happy to join

A Lamer
2004-04-17, 03:14
forum based RPGs are far too much work, as they attract far too many people, and its a major bitch to find staff who can handle the position and responsibility. Paper and pen games usually consist of groups of 3-7, though 5 (4 players and a GM, which coincidentally works great as the 4 man chuunin/genin team) is sorta standard.

Another problem with forum based RPGs is of course the "power players" who basicly "Ah, but I block your attack, and send it right back at twice the power, into a critical part of your body!" their way to the top, and in general make it uninteresting. And then theres the 250 Uchihas/Huugas, which mysteriously revived from the grave and/or appeared out of thin air.

2004-04-17, 03:15
If you want to do the RPG DnD style and you want good classes consider the following: you could either have a genius-type class setting where different clans and types would excel at different things or you could have a tri-class system with much multiclassing. The second option would best be done with the classes of Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Genjutsu masteries, with good multiclassing options so an average character would have all three with exceptional abilities in one or combo a character in two. This would also allow for an all-taijutsu type character like Lee.
The second thing you need to consider is the amount of skills you would need to prepare. The manga and series don't provide nearly as many skills as you would need for your characters unless you want them all to be almost exactly the same at the end. You also will need to do level caps or something of that type for this effect.
The third thing you need to think about is the various details you would need. DnD made every little detail stand out, such as needing food, water, climbing gear, etc. You would need various items and requirements such as these to make a playable and fun RPG.
Overall, this may seem like a load of work, and maybe even a waste of time. But hey, if you can produce a quality Naruto RPG, I'll be one of the first in line to play it.

2004-04-17, 11:24
My friend and I made a naruto pen and paper rpg, loosely based on the whitewolf system. Its got clans, techniques, skills, all that stuff. check it out.


I like it, but a DM's guide would be a big help if you're going to run a campaign... I mean, obviously everyone you fight will be some form of ninja, but... umm...

I think I need to go back and read through Vampire to see what stuff they supply. I can't quite remember.

Seems quite comprehensive, though... definitely a great start... this is the first system to get me eager to play a P&P RPG again...

2004-04-17, 12:36

I'm compiling the GM's guide right now as we speak, to try and get across the ideas and issues that I've had while GM'ing. If you have any questions though feel free to e-mail or IM me with the contact info that's in the pdf. I'd be happy to answer anything that might come up. =)

- Lunatic Jedi

2004-04-17, 19:25
Hey, let me know when the GM's guide is complete. I would like to start a Naruto RPG group at my highschool. Of course, first, I have to get them all addicted to Naruto. That may take a couple of days....

2004-04-17, 22:12
rikudark- thanks for the interest.

The next version (including a basic GM guide and some new clans) should be out either late this week or next week. We'll likely put a post up when this happens, but if you want to get started immediately and you have one of the other whitewolf books you could just use the GM guidelines they provide.

Most of what we use is the same stuff, whenever a PC wants to do something that there aren't specific guidelines for, you can either have him roll a d10 plus a related skill/attribute, or role 1d10 for each rank in the related skill/attribute and count the successes (# of rolls greater than 5). In both cases it will be up to the GM to set a difficulty level, i.e. a number that the PC has to beat.

We'll put some samples up on the site in short order.

2004-04-18, 04:59
Your guide is a bit foggy on some points, how exactly does CP work? how is it calculated?

2004-04-18, 10:11
Your guide is a bit foggy on some points, how exactly does CP work? how is it calculated?

We tried to make the CP system as close as possible to the way Ebisu-sensei (konohamarou's tutor) explains it in the series.

A character has a certain amount of stamina, (right now it's a random number, but we may change this), and they convert a certain number of stamina points to chakra points when they want to do a technique. Stamina recharges with time, but chakra only stays in their system for a few turns.

Talents (focus, power, and control) determine 1. how long chakra stays in their system, 2. how many CP they get per stamina point, and 3. how much chakra they waste. respectively.

Sakura for example has a power of 1 or 2, but a control of 5. Naruto has a power of 5, a stamina of 10, but a control of 1 or 2.

Hope this helps.

2004-04-18, 12:51
I'll expand upon Lness's post and give an example of how CP works in the game.

Let's say someone from the Nara clan wants to use Shadow Bind on 3 opponents

This player will have the following stats:

Focus - 3
Power - 2
Control - 4
Stamina Points - 7

Now in our system, Shadow Bind costs 1 CP to attempt, and then once an opponent is bound it costs 2 CP / Target / Round.

So they start the shadow bind, and as such must pay 1 CP. First thing you should look at is the control. Since their control is 4, they will have to pay an addition 1 CP, making the total 2 CP. Next, look at the power, which in this case is 2, so therefore for spending one Stamina point this Nara gets 2 CP, just enough to pay for the Shadow Bind attempt! The Nara now has 6 Stamina points

Let's assume that the Nara successfully bound all three opponents with the Shadow Bind now. The cost for this is 2 CP / Target / Round. Looking at their control, the Nara must pay 1 extra CP, meaning each target and round costs 3 CP! Since their are three targets the total for this round costs 9 CP, ouch! The Nara must use 5 Stamina points to gain 10 CP. This covers the 9 CP cost, and has 1 CP left over. Since the Nara has a Focus of 3, this additional CP can stay in his Chakra pool for 3 turns, including this current one. The Nara now has 1 Stamina Point.

End of turn.

Nara has 1 CP in his Chakra Pool, and 1 Stamina Pont left which is good enough for 3 CP total. The Nara unbinds two of the opponents, but holds onto one. The Nara converts his last point of Stamina into Chakra giving him 2 CP, combines it with the 1 CP from his pool, and is able to pay the 3 CP cost to hold the opponent. Nara has no more stamina points

End of Turn

After that the Nara is out of Stamina and must rest to regain his points. It takes (100 / CON) turns to gain back one point of Stamina. In the case of this Nara, I hope he had back up. =)

If their are any other questions please feel free to ask them. =)

- Lunatic Jedi

A Lamer
2004-04-18, 12:53
I dunno. Is this 5 level stuff what vampire uses? Seems a bit too simple. I mean, simple is good, but when you use lower numbers you're always restricted a bit, and it becomes extremely easy to either kill or be killed depending on your roll luck.

Granted I may be a little biased from playing games like shadowrun...

2004-04-19, 11:20
I like the danger of being killed or killing someone in a moment's notice. Then again, it's ALWAYS up to the GM whether or not something actually happens...

Something that bothered me about the Chakra, though: You give starters 5 points to begin in their different Chakra areas, and say they all start out at zero. However, you don't say at any point that you have to put one point in each at least... since parts like "control" at level one puts you at +4 CP per attempt, if someone didn't put any points in they might try arguing that they don't have such a penalty... even though they'd be wrong.

I suggest either adding a statement that you MUST take at least one rank in each (which would be easier to just say "You start at rank one and have 3 to divide amongs the rest") OR if you're okay with people having a zero rank, you need to include the penalties for a zero rank in any chakra department.

Also, an idea for your GMs guide- include starting stats (like your 4/3/2 things) for Genin, Chuunin, and Jounin... since GMs may be creating enemies of higher level than initiate... plus, it would be very cool if you had 4 players and 1 GM to have the 4 players be three Genin and a Jounin... and then since the Jounin would be a much higher level, he would of course be put in the more dangerous situations and have a greater likelihood of being offed at some point by an over-zealous enemy. Just an idea.

2004-04-19, 13:34

1. you rule for checking out our system, and making comments.

2. yeah, you're right about the talents, we'll change it in the next release to say that everyone starts with 1 and they get 3 more points to play around with. It didn't occur to us that anyone would take zero.

C. We'll make starting stats for the three levels, and put that in the GM section.

4. In our adventure we have three PC's that play genins and the GM controls a NPC jounin that is our sensei. This works out pretty well as it allows the GM to introduce story lines and gives him a voice in the game.

4. We think that if you made a group with 3 genin PCs and 1 high level PC, this may cause some jealousy / dissension within the group. Also it would be difficult to organize adventures in which all the characters get an equal amount things to accomplish (i.e. the jounin would likely take all the big kills, etc.)

Thanks again.

Lness and LunaticJedi

2004-04-19, 15:19
Yeah, I kind of had that worry too, but I think in a decent group the rewards of having a Jounin teammate would offset the jealousy... maybe. What I was thinking was it would be a neat segway if you started with four initiates who somehow get in over their head... and they win, but just barely... and at least one of them dies in the process. Then the person who lost their character is forced to make a new character, but he would get the Jounin and would be responsible for looking after the group... so kind of a reward for taking the loss of your initial character well...

I dunno. Just a thought. Three players and one GM Jounin would probably work better, you're right.

Hyuuga Neji
2004-04-19, 15:24
if someone could make a real working Naruto system for DnD 3e. that would be so awesome I play DnD all the time and I love Naruto so it would be perfect if I could integrate them together....

2004-04-19, 16:26
Anyone interested in making an MSN Messenger group for the Naruto RPG? It would be pretty simple to do, as everything would be written anyways and the GM can always send any extra documents over to the players. I don't have enough experience RPing to set this up myself, but I would like to be in one if anyone is interested.

Hyuuga Neji
2004-04-19, 16:52
I dont have any knowledge of how to do it but my msn is serifritual@hotmail.com if someone makes it

2004-04-19, 19:34
A Naruto DnD game was all i was thinking of while playing Neverwinter Nights all last week.

Here is how i see classes should be. You pick one of the elemental villages. Your class would be determined by the skills chosen. There would be a wide variety of skills to choose from stamina-based and chakra-based. You would level the skills, xp gained by usage, synergy bonuses for similar skills. Attribute levels depend on what skills you are working.

2004-04-19, 20:00
UzumakiKitsu -

There's definitely no rule that says you have to start all of the characters at the same level. All of the particulars of the adventure are left up to the GM.

As for characters dying...

We tried to keep the damage realistic, if you get slashed with a katana a few time, or get hit with a bunch of kunai you're going to be in pretty sorry shape. We kinda wanted to encourage characters to use their techniques creatively, or take one of the defensive techniques.

Still... death of a PC really isnt that likely to happen if the GM controls what type of enemies the characters go up against. Of course there are the Maito (rock lee) and the Akimichi (choji) characters who could die quite easily if they use their family limits (highest skills).

hell, we expect them to die. Then these players could be rewarded with reincarnation as a high level character. who knows...

2004-04-19, 21:35
Good stuff. You guys be sure to post on here when you've finished the GMs guide and such, because I will be getting that... :D

One thing that bothers me, though, is that some of the skills that anyone can use are stuck in clans and some that are pretty character specific are out there in the open... like the Maito clan, technically pretty much anyone could study and probably master the gates... however, having a high level Uchiha with gates mastery might be a TAD overpowered, so I kind of understand why you guys went that route...

Then there's things like the rasengan, which I believe is a fifth level chakra control or whatnot... but to use rasengan, it's also true that someone would need a high amount of stamina/chakra power... so I dunno. I don't have the sheet in front of me now, so I probably should wait to comment on what I think should be done to it. hahaha :D

2004-04-19, 22:31
Heya Uzumaki,

Once again, thanks for the comments. Lness and I agree, you rock! =)

As far as Rasegan, it costs 10 CP right now, and we think that is enough for now. It'll require characters to have high power and stamina to use it 1) effectively and 2) a few times.

The big thing that will be put into the GM guide, is that some techniques (like Rasengan) require a teacher, so not everyone will be able to learn it. Even if they think they'll be able to handle it, the fact remains that they'll have to find a teacher for it, and that alone is a big task. For example, from watching the series it's implied that the only people who can perform Rasengan are Jiraya, the Fourth Hokage, and Naruto. So good luck tracking those guys down, regardless of what time period you set the story.

- Lunatic Jedi

2004-04-20, 02:06
Wow, I had no idea so many other people were into the same stuff as me...I've been thinking about a Naruto pen & paper game for a while now...

My basic idea was to have a secondary set of ability scores, which were determined by Strength, dexterity, wisdom, etc. These would be Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, and would give bonuses to skills that were based on one of those three things. I haven't read your rules yet, I'm just throwing an idea or two out here, by the way. Another thought I had was not to choose what clan you're in, but for it to be rolled randomly from the start...Obviously more than a few problems could arise from this, but it may be worth thinking about.

A Lamer
2004-04-20, 03:30
if anyone is experienced with shadowrun and is willing to listen to a dorks ramblings on how stuff should be, and then make it a bit more playable, I'd love it if you'd give me a PM. :)

Though Lness and lunaticjedi's system is nice, its not really something I'm accustom to, and just doesnt seem right under the gameplay that I'm used to. It'd be nice if nerds like me could choose from a wide variety of naruto PnP games :p

2004-04-20, 13:04
To pull off a high level attack means spending more than one turn gathering chakra right? chakra is gathered from stamina. but damage is also taken on stamina. that means that there's almost no way to have a good fight with that low amount of stamina (1d10).

I don't remember how you calculated damge in dnd, but I believe the characters had more hp there.

Oh and how do you level up?

2004-04-20, 15:03
.Spike -

1. In our system, we assume that the character can gather chakra instantly, as this seems to also be the case in the series/manga. This isnt like DBZ where you have to power up for 15 minutes before doing anything useful.

2. Although stamina is one of the characteristics that gets factored into HP, HP is a separate stat. So if you take damage, you lose HP but you do not lose stamina.

C. In D&D, which you all love so much, HP is a random roll. We wanted to have at least one random stat to diversify the starting characters a bit. Besides they can always spend Freebie Points on Stamina at character creation, they're given 18 and stamina only costs 1 per point.

5. In the whitewolf system, which we based our Naruto RPG on, characters do not "level up" all at once. They get small amounts of XP every time they accomplish something, and they spend this to buy stat improvements whenever there is a break in the roleplaying.



P.S. "If you want a D&D naruto rpg so bad, make one yourself."


2004-04-20, 17:55
Haha I have to agree that choosing the Whitewolf base instead of the D20 base is a much better choice... I like D20, but once you play around and see Seventh Seas and Vampire and Deadlands, you start seeing how really great a system can be... and D20 is only great at one thing- getting new people to play P&P RPGs.

Oh, it just occurred to me that I totally don't understand the way you guys have chosen to do initiative... the higher the initiative the better (like in D20), but you guys have it go in reverse? That doesn't really make sense to me... I always felt like the "fastest" person would make the first action, and then everything else was indirectly a reaction to his action. The way you guys have it, the "slowest" person goes first and everyone else "reacts" to him... and while that's interesting, it doesn't really seem to make sense to me... care to explian/elaborate on it, or am I reading it wrong?

Also, I kind of like the idea of a limit to the amount of stamina convertable to chakra in any given turn... if you can turn, say, 5 stamina into chakra in one turn and only have a power of 2 so every stamina point gets you 2 CP (to make the 10CP for Rasengan), it just seems like it should take longer for someone with a low Chakra power to do the rasengan than someone with a high chakra power... you know? For them to generate such a massive amount of chakra it would take much more time and concentration than with someone who can just throw away chakra left and right...

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think it would make it more interesting and possibly accurate if you were only able to convert something like 2 or 3 stamina points to chakra per turn... that would place a much higher importance on having good chakra control, chakra power, and chakra stamina...

Then again, the more comfortable you become with a jutsu, the more it seems to take little concentration or time... I dunno. Just an idea. :D

2004-04-20, 18:19

The way we do initiative is thus, and I'm going to quote out of the GM guide that I'm compiling this week.

Initiative rolls are ordered from lowest to highest, with the lowest initiative declaring his actions first, and then the highest stating his last.

This system is meant to represent that fast characters are able to see and anticipate what the other characters are going to do and act accordingly. So those with the highest initiative know exactly what the other players are going to do, and can perform an appropriate action. Once all actions are stated, and any initiative modifers are applied, combat is carried out with the highest initiative taking place first.

So in short, if a slow guy says "I try and punch him". The fast guy could be like, "ok fine, replacement technique". That's the main example, and in the end this rewards those faster characters. =)

- Lunatic Jedi

2004-04-20, 18:37
I suppose that makes sense... just kind of hard to adjust to after all these years of doing it the other way :D

2004-04-20, 21:29
I know it is kind of difficult to make clans from other towns and such, but it seems like it would be hard for a GM to make enemies from outside of Konoha. It would be cool if you added more outer-city clans, like Haku's clan which could control water, or a clan that could drain chakra from life points or something. Just an idea, as it seems now you could only have mostly Konoha vs. Konoha battles, unless there are a whole lot of renegade ninjas, which would definitely seem odd.

Also, the way you set up the character sheet makes it seem like there is a small limit that everything can go to. This may make all the characters end up pretty much the same, stat-wise. Is this just a starter character sheet, or are those really the limits?

2004-04-20, 22:10

In the next release we're going to include some new clans, namely puppet useres, the spidery guy's clan, and chakra absorbers (who were actually from leaf). We've also talked about making a Haku clan.

Stats can go above 5 ranks, and this is something that will be addressed in the GM guide we're currently working on.

2004-04-20, 22:18
thanks for the info. didn't really know what you were doing with that, I guess I'll just wait til the next update comes out before I start saying a bunch of stuff. You guys are probably working hard enough as it is.

2004-04-22, 22:45
Any ETA on the GMs guide? Some people are getting antsy... :D

2004-04-22, 23:17
yup, sure are. But they did just put out an updated character sheet that is pretty interesting. I guess we gotta give'em time to work. Of course, they are probably watching the series mostly. Can't blame them for that, though, I'm a Naruto addict. I'm even doing an 80-episode marathon this weekend.

2004-04-23, 00:30
heh sorry guys, I swear the GM guide will be up this weekend. School work has been kicking my ass. =(

- Lunatic Jedi

2004-04-23, 09:48
I'd like to join

2004-04-23, 17:57
How many people have this thread under their favorites? Just wondering...Anyways, one question that I hope you will answer this next update is what in the world is willpower? I've been trying to figure it out, but no luck so far...

2004-04-23, 18:15

Um yeah, about that.... well we put it on the character sheet because we were expecting to use it eventually, we still are. We imagined it as something like Mental Hit Points.

Most likely it will be a derived stat calculated by adding INT + CHAR and maybe + CON.

We were thinking that the higher level Genjutsu techniques would damage a character's willpower, and if someone's willpower reached 0 then they go insane or enter a coma or something....

A Lamer
2004-04-23, 18:28
I was thinking willpower could be more along the lines of being able to maintain certain things, like seals, bunshin, and the ability to see through genjutsu (perception + willpower). I like the idea of willpower damaging things though.

2004-04-23, 21:11
Listen up you chicks! Open your beady little eyes and take a good look!

We just posted version 2 of Naruto RPG on our website, so

A-lamer - you're a little late, as the new version includes willpower.

Also included are Akadou Clan (energy drainers), Karasu Clan (Puppets) and Kidoumaru Clan (Spiders).

And let us not forget the GM Guide!!


Lness and LunaticJedi

2004-04-23, 23:12



//edit: Hey guys, I really appreciate the thanks, but if you're going to put me in there I'd prefer if you use "vix0r" rather than "UzumakiKitsu"... I use it a lot more universally than this name. No big deal either way, just a little thing for me. :heh:

2004-04-23, 23:53
Okay, I just read it, and I have to say, excellent. You addressed almost everything I could think of that needed to be addressed. I'm very excited and am just hoping I can find a few people that would be interested in playing this with me.

I was thinking about your initiative and something about it still doesn't sit right with me... while I agree that it makes sense somewhat for the faster characters to have first opportunity to react to the other characters, at the same time there's a difference between speed and ability to see attacks coming. For instance, Lee would almost ALWAYS have first attack in any fight against a fellow Genin/Chuunin. He has tons and tons of speed. However, he is not terribly observant, and should he come up against someone who could beat or match his speed, he might have some trouble avoiding their attacks.

Then you have the sharingan/byuakugan users. None of them can currently rival Lee/Gai as far as speed goes, but they can easily see where attacks are coming from and take the necessary steps to avoid the attacks. Perfect example: Neji vs. Lee.

It seems almost to me that if you want to do the reverse-initiative thing, perhaps it would make sense to have an action/reaction setup. The first part of a round would be the actions, chosen from most dextrous to least (or whatever fitting way you guys could think up). This way, Lee would certainly get first attack if he so chose. Each player would choose who they would attack and how. Maybe even done by some sort of secret ballot... I don't know... :-P

Then, a reaction period, where any character with a perception higher than the dexterity of their attacker/attackee (or what have you) would have the opportunity to change their action to favor something more defensive or whatnot.

Well... that's entirely too complicated. And kind of stupid.

And I guess that's why, for instance, Hyuuga gets bonuses to perception... perception is factored into both initiative and defense, eh?

But wait, how is Dexterity not a part of initiative?? Someone who is brilliantly fast is bound to act sooner than someone who is REALLY observant, and if the speed is significantly greater than the other person's perception, the other person wouldn't really be ABLE to dodge it.

Okay, okay... after all that crap I've just typed, I think I have ONE suggestion: Add DEX to initiative. Perception is already factored into your defense, so if someone's DEX isn't much greater than their target's PER (defense), then their ability to go first wouldn't do them much good. But they WOULD go first and would also probably be able to alter their movements/attacks... umm... i dunno... the whole idea of everyone attacking at once and just reacting to each others' attacks is kind of complicated and a ways outside of the typical D20 "ongoing fight with only the 'important parts' of the battle rolled"...

I don't know... I'm rambling, now... I do think that Dex should be a part of initiative, but I also see what you are saying about an observant person being able to react to an attacker... but I think this is the best of both worlds... someone who is extremely fast and only slightly observant might be almost a perfect match for a relative slowpoke who sees everything... they might not be able to hit each other almost at all...

So yeah, I think... well, you know what I think.

I'm going to bed. I swear I'm not drunk. :heh:

2004-04-24, 02:09
I think the two-step initiative idea is pretty cool though. Maybe they should keep the system that they have right now for announcing attacks, but the more dextrous characters would attack sooner. This way, though a faster character would hit first, the more perceptive could react to it with maybe a counter attack, or an attack that increases initiative and dodges the attack, such as kawarimi no jutsu.

Edit: Sorry, just reread the GM's guide. So DEX does help initiative in the case of taijutsu, which makes sense since it is the only one based on physical speed.

2004-04-27, 23:08
Sorry, noticed this thread hasnt been up in a while. Anyways, I'm kinda wondering about taijutsu. So far the only skills for taijutsu are those that individual clans have. As it is, it is difficult to make a really strong taijutsu expert. I was wondering if you are including any taijutsu skills in the RPG, maybe like levels in different fighting styles.

Also, it seems like this RPG is alot of work for just the two of you. I don't have alot of time myself, but can we suggest specific skills for you to use? Then again, there aren't alot of skills you left out from the manga...

2004-04-27, 23:24
riku - if you want to help out, talk to us on AIM, our S/n are on the website or in the pdf file.

as for taijutsu there really arent enough universal techniques for us to make a separate technique tree out of, we've talked about making rules for fighting styles like iron fist, and the new one that rock lee is using in the manga, but that will have to wait for a later release, right now it's exam time.

- Lness

2004-04-27, 23:41
I just wanna say that everyone who posted has interesting avatars (mostly naruto animated too ) ^^, They are all so peeeerrrrrty =D

Hyuuga Neji
2004-04-28, 15:46
ummm if you mean mine too then thanks! yours go so well with your sig. lol

2004-04-28, 16:44
Weep Weep Geek-o-meter Overload Weep Weep

Moron overload!
Grow up. :nono:

2004-04-28, 18:13
You should REALLY pick up Heros Unlimited and start creating custom Ninja techs and clans.

I gave your RPG system a download and looked it over and the only thing wrong with it is the lack of creation/uniqueness

you can only have bloodlines that are already on the show. Its the only irk I have so far,
though I thought about it and figure I could just easly create new ones from my heros unlimited book or something.

Its neat to think about but Im mostly a D20 player.

2004-04-29, 00:17
Rhythmic - as soon as we start creating techniques that have little/no basis in the manga or the series, then the purists will complain. Heaven forbid we do something that conflicts with naruto scripture.

For now we're willing to accept that Kishimoto has a better imagination then either of us ever will, so we'll leave the technique creating to him. You can expect our RPG to grow with the series though.

2004-04-29, 01:20
Rhythmic - as soon as we start creating techniques that have little/no basis in the manga or the series, then the purists will complain. Heaven forbid we do something that conflicts with naruto scripture.

For now we're willing to accept that Kishimoto has a better imagination then either of us ever will, so we'll leave the technique creating to him. You can expect our RPG to grow with the series though.

oh well,
If I ever create a campaign for naruto I'll just create my own using heros unlimited material since im not one of those purist :)

I really like the chakra system too, it works about as close as I belive you could get in a pnp rpg of naruto

2004-04-29, 11:01
That is strange, very strange. I can't imagine Naruto as a pen and paper or a western RPG. There is something about having a Sword +3 and many other things that is unlike Naruto. If more than anything, Naruto would make a good action RPG, and even that would suck if the controls in the game was not refined and perfected.

2004-04-29, 14:59
If you focus on roleplay and only use the "rules" for structure then its quite a lot of fun. Like writing a fanfic with multiple writers.

Btw, the xp-per-mission recommended by the rules seems a bit high. I've gotten 2-3 xp per mission from my GM and it seems quite optimal. We can RP the training during which we expend RP.

(A jutsu copied with sharingan costs two extra CP to use. Would a copy of a copy cost 4 extra?)

2004-05-12, 19:35
If you want to play a ninja (naruto style) in a standart DnD setting, I think the Fist of Zuoken prestige class (from Expanded psionic handbook) is the easiest way to get a rounded and fun character.
Some psionic feats allow you to burn HP ou ability scores to get extra punch or more power points (oops I mean chakra ^^) and even you can run up the walls.

If you think you lack sneak attack, try a rogue/psion home made prestige class (just like arcane trisker).

2004-05-14, 11:05
Iíve been working on a Naruto online forum game for a couple of days now. Itís a forum system where you level up your character, buy weapons and jutsus and then battle each other. The system is up and fully functional. Iím still adding new things all the time though. Once I get little more members Iím going to put up clans etc. so that the villages can battle each other and such. There are almost no members at the moment though, but Iíd be great if some of you were to join

Oh; link; www.narutogame.uni.cc


Pecador Chrno
2004-05-25, 22:52
I took a look at the posts here and even at you pen and paper Naruto RPG... and I tell it's really cool...
Storytteller's style is my favorite... Nothing against the d20 system, but... No one beats White Wolf... :)

But... I have some sugestion that you might wanna hear...

One is about the chackra system... you could use the Exalted System... using the essence points as chackra points... to activate the jutsu... and you can even mantain it's recovering rules... (essence recovers with time too)

Other, is about a key atribute in storytteller's system... merits and flaws...
And... it's an EXCELENT way if you want to establish blood/clans jutsus... A player can only buy this merity (cost depends on the power of the jutsu) in the creation of his/her character... like a glove, huh...??? Blood/clan jutsus do not evolve in power levels... they are one specific power (jutsu) that evolves as the character's chackra goes up... so... it can be a Merit, wich gives the character the background of that clan... (background points in the "??? clan" backgroung can be used in storyline and storytelling) and the equivalent jutsu...

Hope you think of it... would be really awesome...
And... be free to bore me any time you like... lol...

Ah!!! Congratulations for the project...!!!
It's really cool...

Uchiha Nova
2004-06-01, 17:59

Well I'm for one like what Lness and his friends did for the whitewolf Naruto RPG, it looks great and I can't wait to play it with my friends. But I'm a D20 person myself and would really like to see someone do a D20 based Naruto rpg. I know it can be done and will take some work, but it would be worth it. If anyone has already started doing one and such let me know and if I can help that would be cool too.

2004-09-26, 21:53
Don't know if anyone is still subscribed to this forum thread, but if you are, then boy are you in for a treat!

The Naruto Role-Playing game has been upgraded to version 3, with a whole host of improvements and additions. New technique trees, re-done summons, and sword masteries!

As always we'd love some feedback, so be sure to take a look at the new stuff and drop either Lness or I an e-mail.


- LunaticJedi

Hyuuga Neji
2004-09-26, 22:37
Lunatic Jedi, AWESOME!!! thank you so much! Ive been waiting forever for the new stuff thanks so much!

2004-09-27, 02:34
a MIRC server with a dice-bot should be opened so we can all get toghther and play this Naruto Pen and Paper RPG

2004-09-27, 03:56
Still subscribed. :)

2004-09-27, 14:40

We had originally thought about the mIRC channel idea a few months ago just for the creators and playtesters to keep ideas flowing. I like the idea though of getting many different people together and starting up a game.

If that's the case, who would be willing to play / GM on it? Reply to the thread or e-mail me and we'll see if we can set something up. Enjoy the new edition. =)

- Lunatic Jedi



2004-09-27, 23:38

We had originally thought about the mIRC channel idea a few months ago just for the creators and playtesters to keep ideas flowing. I like the idea though of getting many different people together and starting up a game.

If that's the case, who would be willing to play / GM on it? Reply to the thread or e-mail me and we'll see if we can set something up. Enjoy the new edition. =)

- Lunatic Jedi



I would gladly GM it if we have a good enough showing.
Plus once i've read the Naruto RPG rules 100%
I'd like to get toghther with you and talk about the RPG so I can GM/DM a game. I've done huge D&D games in the past, Naruto sounds fun.

AIM: Rea1ityburn
Email: realityburn@charter.net

2007-01-26, 04:50
this seems prety cool but i live in a city full of old guys everyone here on animesuki and no x box live the only contact with anyone my age it sucks

2007-01-29, 14:21
I've just recently gotten a hold of a copy of the Naruto RPG book by LunaticJedi and Co. and have tried going to their old thread to ask them a few questions but nobody seems to be reading it anymore, so I'm trying this posting instead. So does anyone know if there is a 4th edition or higher installment/update? If so where can I get a copy from?

2007-02-25, 15:53
My group had the same complaints, we cam up with the option of some stats provide bonuses for levels above 3. CHA for people skills, PER for tracking and other percptive things, and INT for things like knowledge skills. The show gave us the idea when Hinata used the Byakugaan in the Forest of Death to help her track people. Each level over 3 would provide a +1 synergy bonus. Talk to your players and try it out.

2007-03-21, 02:16
can I get specifics for the bonuses, and my players have been complaining about the medical skill and getting back HP got any suggestions

2007-03-21, 02:21
Sure, have them roll a dice for restored HP (ex. d3 or d4). Here are the soecific bonuses I use, hope they help...

- Trap Use (Detection Only)
- Investigation

- Animal Empathy
- Diplomacy
- Intimidation
- Leadership

- Knowledge
- Medical (Diagnosis Only)

2009-08-18, 22:32
Are you guys like me? Want to get your hands on a Naruto paper based RPG? Chances are your not going to find one.

The Naruto Rpgs I've seen are all based off of pre-made systems for other games. I've spent the past 2-3 years developing a system for a true Naruto experience.

The game was already tested and it ran very well. Right now the game needs content, balancing, and polishing.

It's very much in beta stages, but if your interested you can email me at ( Ashskutches@yahoo.com).

2009-08-24, 15:17
if you make it work count me in too :) I am big fan of RPGs