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2003-11-03, 20:14
The official trailer has just been made available in the movie homepage.
It can be downloaded here (http://www.innocence-movie.jp/information/trailer/tokuho1/480.mov) (right click and save).

Official site: www.innocence-movie.jp (http://www.innocence-movie.jp/)

2003-11-03, 20:28
It was a bit short but Im really waiting for this movie.

2003-11-04, 03:34
It was a bit short but Im really waiting for this movie.
ur not the only one waiting.

Danny Boy
2003-11-04, 04:21
I hope it's a lot better than the first one. The first GitS movie was a bit underwhelming IMO. It was saddled with too much pre-release hype, and as such, I had high expectations for the film. Damn Animerica Magazine for heaping too much praise onto that poor flick!

2003-11-04, 05:30
I liked the first one, although the manga was way better. Can't wait if 2s any different.

2003-11-23, 20:00
oh man, i can't wait for that to come out

2003-12-05, 22:39
i was just wondering whether anyone would be able to give me a synopsis type thing for the second film!? ^_^

2004-02-01, 17:24
This seems to be the most relevant thread to post this in:

There is a new trailer for Innocence up on the official site:


Enjoy! :D

2004-02-01, 17:52
Talk about cool CGI :) hope for it to b subbed

2004-02-01, 18:43
Talk about cool CGI :) hope for it to b subbed

It's licensed, and more than likely will be a sub-only release. From Dreamworks.

I hope this movie is good too. I got my left kidney bet on that....

2004-02-13, 09:57
Once again a new trailer is available on the official site (see above for link). ;)

2004-02-21, 10:07
It's interesting to note that Innocence: Ghost in the Shell is co-produced by...

Studio Ghibli.
An extra sign of quality?

2004-02-21, 11:11
Isn't Innocence also being directed by Mamoru Oshii? If so, I suppose it'll be more similar to the 1st movie than to the manga or SAC. Which would be a good thing as far as I'm concerned. :)

2004-02-21, 11:20
Like the first movie, Innocence will be directed by Mamoru Oshii. We'll also see the return of Hiroyuki Okiura (character designer) and Kenji Kawai (music).

Innocence: Ghost in the Shell is scheduled for release in Japan in March'04.

2004-07-27, 02:02
I just recently saw Ghost in The Shell and Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, loved them. And I just found the trailer for Ghost in the Shell Innocense, can hardly wait. Here's the link http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/533/533495p1.html

2004-07-27, 02:39
Colour me unimpressed. Terrible CG in places, lots of CG that could have been better done hand drawn, too. Still, very nice 2d work in places. I'm not looking forward to Oshii's drab treatment of Shirow's colourful cast of characters. Oshii ripped every shred of personality the story had and left us with empty psychobabble in the first movie. I'd hardly say that the first movie "defined anime", it really did nothing of the sort. It promised a story up to par with a movie treatment of the manga, and animation that bested Akira. It failed on both those promises.

I'll probably wind up seeing it for the visuals if nothing else, but I'm not expecting more than that. Even then, the bad CG ensures that it won't be as impressive a visual feat as Akira was.

2004-07-27, 07:58
The requested URL /information/trailer/tokuho1/480.mov was not found on this server.

And the bloody site is in mongolish >.<

2004-09-06, 07:20
Did a quick search, and couldn't find a topic about this, so decided to start one, feel free to tell me if there is one or not.

Anyone looking forward to this sequel? I sure am, I remember back in 96' when I saw the first one, I was blown away, and I am sure it will live up to its predacessor.

if you want information on it, you can find it here


Edit: like i said, quick search, searched back about a month, and came up with nothing, soo, oh well