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2003-11-10, 12:39
Hi, I try to download anime from animesuki website and it never works, the connection is so slow that I prefer to used Kazaa for my download. Does anyone know why the speed (kb/s) is soooo slow here? Does anyone previously encountered the same issues but find their ways around? What should I do? Please advise!


Thanks, T-23.

2003-11-10, 12:42
FYI the fansub forum is the WRONG place to put this.

Clearly you DON'T know how bittorrent works so I won't even try to explain it to you.

All you gotta know is, it'll ALWAYS start off slow, then pick up speed later as you move up in your *position*

It's a P2P thing, Xdcc is still the way to go if you're in a hurry...but going to diffrent sites won't work, because the Bittorrent files all point to the same tracker.

BT is always fast for me though.

2003-11-10, 12:48
I would advise that you also learn to post in a relevant forum instead of the first one you come across.

Closing thread.

Oh yes, welcome to the forums....