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2003-11-11, 18:28

I'm wondering if there's anywhere online where you can find translations for the .hack//AI BUSTER novel. If you know where you can find them, please tell me, since I'm really interested in learning about them. Actually, any information on the novel would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Lord Raiden
2003-11-11, 20:59
AnimeSuki Tabuu #1 states: Thou shalt not ask for licenced anime, books, movies, or other licenced items.

All of .hack is licenced. Not just part. The whole bloody lot of it. Novels included. In short, if it's .hack anything, it's licenced. Not ragging on you. Just stating the facts. Recommendation, if it's translated and available in the US already, your local Barnes and Nobles will know, or at the very least, the Library of Congress. Beyond that, if it's not, you'll just have to wait until it is. Sorry.

2003-11-12, 06:06
Well, thanks for the input.

I'll try to find the novel then, too bad I don't know japanese. Still, my question is valid, because if somehow I get my hands on the original japanese novel, I'd still need a translation to be able to read it.

Thanks anyway.

2003-11-12, 08:04
I didn't think AI BUSTER was licenced. All of .Hack is not licenced to my knowledge. If a new .Hack series came out tomorow, it'd be up here till a company annouced posestion of it as far as I know.

2003-11-12, 08:52
Probronly not really what your hunting for, but here is a site with some summeries of some of the chapters. Thats all Ive ever seen myself.


2003-11-12, 13:04
I think so too, because if the novels were licensed, they would be already available, wouldn't they? I don't think a company shells out the money for a license they won't use at all O_o

@Digital-Kitty: I already checked that link, and yup, that's all I've found so far. Thanks anyway ^_~

Ja ne!

2003-11-12, 14:05
I think so too, because if the novels were licensed, they would be already available

This isn't correct. It may well be licensed (I suspect this particular novel has been licensed) but simply it may not be released yet.

Typically, a company licenses a product and then release it sometime in the future (somewhere between six months and two years later). It does after all take time to fit it into the production schedule (translation, marketing, packaging, solicitation, etc, etc.).

But, as it's been mentioned, I think all of .hack has been licensed (barring the pedantic view that says non-existent .hack products haven't been yet...).

2003-11-12, 14:56
Well, maybe you're right xris. I think sometimes the companies take a lot of time to "localize" (to use an appropiate word) a product, but I don't think the .hack novels will be released here, ever... As far as I know no novels based on anime, or novels which later became an anime have been published out of Japan (probably with the exception of a few asiatic countries)... Correct me if I'm wrong.

BTW, if they're going to release the novels (which I'm almost 100% sure they won't), I think now it's the time, because .hack's popularity is (I believe) quite high right now, maybe it'll be forgotten soon...

At any rate, only time will tell.

Thanks for the input.

2003-11-12, 17:47
The only summeries that I found were at the same link that digital kitty gave. Unfortunatelly they have not updated it for a while....

It didnt' say anywhere they AI Buster has been lisenced and it will take aaages for them to make it. Because first they have to publish all of other .Hack Material. So I think its perfectly ok for us to look for summeries. :)