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2009-02-16, 05:11
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2009-02-16, 17:12
Well, I guess all the Lilin talk can go here in the meantime. :) I'm curious about her "power." She had that strange reflection of that animal when she was talking to the Queen...wonder what it means.

2009-02-16, 18:10
Looked almost like a reflection of the loli from the engrish bits.

2009-02-17, 13:53
i dont know about the rest of you but i find Sharnid really crappy sniper...

2009-02-17, 13:58
i dont know about the rest of you but i find Sharnid really crappy sniper...

I guess for now he is, something probably happened to him in the last platoon he was in that was briefly mentioned, he's too scared to pull the trigger if an ally is nearby, perhaps he accidently friendly fire'd someone before... or something from his childhood is causing him to hesitate? At least that's what I got from what is available so far.. This will get expanded with time I guess...

2009-02-17, 14:03
Looked almost like a reflection of the loli from the engrish bits.

Maybe she's Leerin's ancestor or something.

2009-02-17, 14:04
oh i probably miss that part about him...i hope overcome his personal problem because so far he doesnt really stand out in all the battles i seen with him. I hope he doesnt meet the fate like some anime snipers ;)

Maybe she's Leerin's ancestor or something.

Thats what i was thinking the engrish bits are like waaaay back in the past where the power of kei just starting to rise among the human race.

2009-03-08, 07:41
About Savaris: I have a guess that he's the most powerfull HB because he has the only different colored Kei(red) and somewhat it makes sense if the queen uses her best subordinates to protect Leerin if she sees her that important.

2009-03-08, 07:51
Layfon has yellow kei.... and he can control it to the point whre he can change between blue and yellow ^^

I think each HB has its own kei colour and that is the sign of haveing strong power ^^ (well he has those noble golden guntlets that allow him to use max kei witout weapon breaking... like layfon in ep1 was useing yellow sword kei but in Zerenii he has to use blue kei since his yellow kei metls his weapons XD [even adamant dite couldnt stand layfons yellow kei for long ^^ ] )

and nah... the strongest HB is the queen ^^ but mostly Savaris and Lincent are kinda sneaky ones that work good together.... and were closer to Layfon (they trained together and stuff)

2009-03-08, 08:35
About Savaris: I have a guess that he's the most powerfull HB because he has the only different colored Kei(red) and somewhat it makes sense if the queen uses her best subordinates to protect Leerin if she sees her that important.
He's quite the badass, but usually, the strongest people don't appear first in the story :heh:

I flove Leerin :love:. I like that she has an independant role from the hero for now. It may make her less interesting to some people, but I enjoy female characters with their own arc.
Reincarnation, lineage, accidental contact with a powerful being...it could be anything at this point. But both she and Layfon seem to have "special" powers, so I wonder what's the connection...

2009-03-08, 15:43
Finally managed to get the name of current Tenken members (excluding Layfon).

http://anime.webnt.jp/regios/queen_a_site.jpg - 女王アルシェイラ (Queen Alsheira)

Can't seem to find..

Anyway just to point out one thing..she is not a member of Heaven Blade.Heaven Blade is consists of 12 members,and Layfon was the 12th member.Alsheira is just the leader of the group...but that doesn't make her a member.

http://anime.webnt.jp/regios/ca-01.jpg - カウンティア・ヴァルモン・ファーネス (Cauntia Valmon Farnes)


http://anime.webnt.jp/regios/re-02.jpg - リヴァース・イージナス・エルメン (Reverse Irjinas Elmen)


http://anime.webnt.jp/regios/kana-03.jpg - カナリス・エアリフォン・リヴィン (Kanaris Earifon Rivin)

適当な性格のアルシェイラに振り回される日々を送っているが、細剣を武器とし、武芸者としての腕も確かであ る。

http://anime.webnt.jp/regios/karuva-04.jpg - カルヴァーン・ゲオルディウス・ミッドノット (Karuvarn Geordius Midontto)


http://anime.webnt.jp/regios/tig-05.jpg - ティグリス・ノイエラン・ロンスマイア (Tigris Noieran Ronsmaia)


http://anime.webnt.jp/regios/rui-07.jpg - ルイメイ・ガーラント・メックリング (Ruimei Garrand MacRing)


http://anime.webnt.jp/regios/del-06.jpg - デルボネ・キュアンティス・ミューラ (Delbone Quantis Myuura)


http://anime.webnt.jp/regios/tro-06.jpg - トロイアット・ギャバネスト・フィランディン (Troiatte Gavanest Frandin)


http://anime.webnt.jp/regios/ver-09.jpg - バーメリン・スワッティス・ノルネ (Vermelin Swattis Nolne)


http://img.surpara.com/news/0809/09_20_regios_savaris.jpg - サヴァリス・クォルラフィン・ルッケンス (Savaris Kolrafin Lukkens)


http://img.surpara.com/news/0809/09_20_regios_rintens.jpg - リンテンス・サーヴォレイド・ハーデン (Rintens Sarvoreido Harden)


Tbh,i thought the queen was that old woman (Delbone) since it was hinted that the queen might probably be an older woman (it was Kanaris that said such thing),but after watching episode 9,now everything becomes blurred again.I wonder how old that queen actually is....and her true face :rolleyes:

2009-03-08, 15:46
Can anyone translate this?

2009-03-09, 01:40
:eyebrow: What's up with these names...

2009-03-09, 05:29
Well, probably are name of nobles, maybe...
So Kanaris was the one who was disguised as the queen, and yeah, i want see surely more Vermelin xDD