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Natsuki Hyuga
2009-04-04, 06:04
"Seisen no Regios" (聖戦のレギオス) (Official translation: "The Regios Crusade") is the third book for Regios Universe. It focuses on Dixerio Maskein (ディクセリオ・マスケイン).

Written by Shuusuke Amagi and illustrated by Miyuu. First published by Style-F under the category 単行本 (tankoubon) in March 2009.

Please note that this book was released under the tankoubon category (which translated to seperate series book-this is not a comic book tankoubon) because of the length/size of the book is not of Light Novel Category and also it is a spin-off of some kind from its main book, Chrome Shelled Regios. It might be changed to Light Novel Category once Volume 2 is released.

Taken from Anime Newtype Channel (http://anime.webnt.jp/regios/):

故郷である強欲都市・ヴェルゼンハイムの滅亡とともに、死んだはずのディクセリオ。だが気がつくと、彼は、 なぜか放浪バスに乗っていた。

Brief Summary (Some paraphrasing from the text and bad English due to my RAW translations :heh:):

When his hometown avarice city Welsenheim (ヴェルゼンハイム) was destroyed, Dixerio expected to die. However, for some reason unknown, he somehow was aboard the wandering bus.

That neighbor... Janice is a mysterious woman. And also, [A person to be killed is here] mysterious voice.

The wish to kill... Is directed to that man, Lintence?!

The two Regios (series) connector, new Series, START!

This thread is to discuss The Regios Crusade. Please be warned that there are spoilers abound for all three Regios novel in this thread. For detailed spoilers, please use the spoiler tags to avoid direct spoiling :)

2009-04-04, 06:08

Who is Dixerio Maskein?