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2003-11-03, 21:07
well downloading isn't legal so is recording it with my TV tuner (and not deleting after viewing) legal? Just wanted to know if my collection of Adult Swims was legal or not... and yes I did self recod them not dled! Is cuttign the camertails out legal?
I've always wanted to know if this was legal or not...

2003-11-03, 21:25
Since you mentioned adult swim I assume that you are in the US, so yes you can keep your recordings as long as you don't distribute them.

2003-11-03, 21:33
yes I'm in the US and no I don't distrubute them... I jsut wnated to check with it cuz I have about 60gigs (I rip them into 48MB with horable quality but at least vieable to save room when I need to... I'm tyying to find a better quality... oh well) each night is about 2gigs each >_< oh well thoughs will be DVDs once I get my DVD burnewr fro X-mes *hopes HDD sapce will alst till then*

2003-11-05, 22:07
Actually, Librarying is illegal. If you read the Betamax case, which much of fair-use and copying from TV relates to (Link (http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/scripts/getcase.pl?navby=case&court=US&vol=464&invol=417&linkurl=http://fairuse.stanford.edu)), the Supreme Court said that it is only fair-use if the person is only "time-shift"ing the program; instead of watching when it is aired, it is watched at the person's convenienve. However, it is to be destroyed after that. If it is kept, it is stopping the seller from being able to rake in that money that would/could otherwise be paid for that copyrighted material.

On a more practical level, however, there is no way that any government or corporate agency will beat down your door for breaking from timeshifting and librarying any taped material you have. If you keep it at home, and don't try to sell it/distribute it to a large number of people, no one would ever be the wiser.

2003-11-06, 11:51
Might I also add that you'd be better spending your money getting the DVDs, as the Cartoon Network run of Bebop is edited.

As well you get all the nice extras to go along with it.

2003-11-06, 14:16
Yes, edits are teh bad!!!!!

And it will have the subs!

Everyone knows the subs are so much goddamn better then the dubs.


2003-11-29, 22:03
u might ve more trouble with what u do then with downloadin fansubs, cuz the ones who ve the linces still r in japan and as far as i know they dont do much against fansubbin and downloadin, in contras what i heard about the us. english anime sucks anyway. get the :bow: ORIGINAL! :bow:
and what do u want with 40mb files??? :bash: 1 pixl 1 person? u ll never watch that crap again.

2003-11-30, 04:43
I recorded FLCL to serve as a substitute until I get the DVDs, which might be a while, because I'm a cheap bastard.