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whiplash willy
2003-11-14, 01:18
I found this link for ep58 on saiyaman's channel. I thought it was a normal sub, but its some whack ass sub. It is funny as hell. You all chould check it out even if you already have ep 58, its worth it....trust.


2003-11-14, 01:56
that sucks, geocities took it offline prolly due to all the traffic. wheres the torrent!?

if someone has the avi and aim, gimme a shout at cheetah200. ill toss it up on my webserver assuming the demand for it doesnt kill my cable connection HAH.

whiplash willy
2003-11-14, 03:04
that sucks, ill host the torrent for a day, heres the addy
No Mas link hotos!

baka manko
2003-11-14, 03:10
yeah i cant download it, it says its a clip

2003-11-14, 03:12
sweet, ill be sure to seed all nite

and hell, ill host the torrent as well, you can find it at:


2003-11-14, 06:31
Has anyone seen it yet?

edit: rofl omg someone has 2 much time in their hands.

must watch

2003-11-14, 08:33
Has anyone seen it yet?

edit: rofl omg someone has 2 much time in their hands.

must watch
i thought it was funny for the first five mins or so. actually i guess after sakura pics up the flower its all just downhill. up till there it was fuggin great.

2003-11-14, 08:57
this is some funny S***

i am watching it right now


2003-11-14, 09:45
Just like Aroon said it was funny at first but got really stupid reall fast. The watching the stash bit at the very start was great though.

Oni Gaara
2003-11-14, 12:32
Wow that was hilarious.

2003-11-14, 14:50
yeah i have to agree, the stash part was very good.

2003-11-14, 16:11
I'll check it out when ep. 58 is done... slooow-motion bandwith... :fingers: to you, ADSL from Telia Sweden!

Btw, I want to make my own (stupid little) avtar, and its from a anime, so I (obviously) have to copy the pic from there... but how?
If I use "prt scr", and try to copy it into something like paint or so,
it'll just screw with me. I pretty much new into this stuff, so any help would be appreciated (I had to look that word up... yes, im from sweden :D )

2003-11-14, 16:54
Yeah, it was pretty funny.

"Fruit gives fat people the shits"

2003-11-14, 17:42
Oh my god that was funny.... "You know your talking big for a stoner, why dont you just go home and stare at your hand?" haha This is so funny :p

2003-11-15, 02:40
I can't believe it... THey ARE too FREE!!!

Whats DirectVobSub that came with the avi, first time i seen it. i think it's useful... they should always use it, so can watch the anime without sub if i like.

Good subbing for an otherwise boring episode. :D

2003-11-16, 01:30
nice work Phoenix and Blare, it made such a boring episode interesting to watch.

"i could go for a taco about now......."

The intro was definatley the best part ^___^

2003-11-16, 13:12
i cant watch it...it doesnt work :(

2003-11-16, 18:49
i cant watch it...it doesnt work :(
Works for me, but I don't get subtitles. That kinda defeats the purpose I suppose.

2003-11-16, 18:52
i suppose you need to download VobSub, as from where to get it.. i'm not sure, i got mine from a codec package

2003-11-16, 20:27
yeah... it ended up as a raw for me... no funny subs..

gah! comeon... help us! I downloaded Vobsub only... and nothing happened...

EDIT: I found the codec pack...


and go to downloads..

get the latest Gordian knot codec pack...

and other crap there... lemme finish this....

gah! I'll post the next time it is done..

2003-11-16, 20:47
it was raw here to so yeah what to do