View Full Version : What are the titles of the books on which Condor Hero is based?

2003-11-14, 03:27
Thanks in advance.

2003-11-14, 08:18
The best I can do is a rough translation of the title...

The first book is called, "Se Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan" which can be roughly translated as Legend of the Condor Heroes. "Se" here means shooting, "Diao" is Condor, "Ying Xiong" is Hero/Heroes, "Zhuan" is Legend.

The second book is called, "Shen Diao Xia Lu", which can be roughly translated as Heroic Couple of the Legendary Condor. "Xia Lu" here means Heroic Couple. "Shen Diao", I cannot translate properly. "Shen" here is the word for God, used as an adjective it can be taken as God-like to denote something either as mystical or possesing extraordinary capabilities.

2003-11-14, 08:43
Any idea whether either book has been translated into English? Or maybe French?

2003-11-14, 09:12
There is a third book tho, with just a few reference to the previous two. Its called "Yu Tian Tu Long Ji" which is translated as Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre.

Not to forget, these books are written by the famous Louis Cha, we call him "Jin Yong". Other than these three, he has written many others that are considered classic swordfighting novels in the chinese literary world. Recently, he has even started updating his past work to improve the flow of the stories.

2003-11-15, 00:20
First book:

Literal Translation: Shoot Condor Hero Legend

Second Book

Literal Translation: Diety Condor Hero couple

2003-12-19, 09:54
Not to mention bout "Tian Long Ba Bu"! Its also a nice novel! Sadly, I forgot the english title for this novel though....."Yu Tian Tu Long Ji" english title is "Heavenly Sword & Dragon Sabre" I think...and all of these novels had been make into a show.