View Full Version : Favorite guy from the Baka Trio (Green Green)

2003-11-15, 02:48
Who did you choose and why?

I choose Boshigu becuase he is funny and gives us all those ecchi scenes ^^.

2003-11-15, 05:17
I really can't make up my mind...but I guess I'd have to say Tenjin. Mostly because he doesn't irritate me as much as the other two.

2003-11-15, 18:58
Ichiban Boshi

Is the correct names ^_^ show in romaji in the opening ;)
And i choose Tenjin, Cause he always means well :>

2003-11-16, 00:43
Tenjin because he seemed the most honorable and normal one.

2003-11-16, 00:51
I picked bacchigu since he's the most perverted one, and that he's the one in the trio with the best taste in women. Chigusa :love:

Kenji Ikari
2003-11-16, 23:19
I would have to pick Tenjin as well. He seems to be the errr... least perverted of all of them.

2003-11-17, 03:31
None, those three are the stupidest, perverted, sickest, group of guys ever. I have no idea why would Yuusuke would be friends with them, but if I had to choose between those three idiots it would be Tenjin, why? besides his obsessions with having an little sister he seems like a honest guy but still......hes fricking weird.

2003-11-17, 04:30
Bacchi-gu, because the series would be boring without him. I mean he alone makes most of the perverted things in the show happen.

Am I the only one that finds Tenjin ... uhm ... slightly disturbing. Especially, after the OVAs discription of what the girl he is chasing looks like?

Hao Asakura
2003-11-17, 07:33
Certainly my favourite guy is Bacchigu. Without him, this movie won't have as much fans as now :D
It's all thanks to him AND ALL THE FEMALE CHARACTERS of course :bow: which keep this anime interesting, disturbing, YET funny :D

2003-11-17, 11:18
Ichiban Boshi can sing "My honey Futaba, My Sweet Peach Honey?, Dynamite Body?, something, something (couldn't remember the lyrics) :p

but i dun like their gay scene, i almost had a nightmare after watchin "that" episode. :)

DarkSide Hero
2003-11-17, 13:05
No "I hate them all" choice?

2003-11-18, 00:59
Where is the option for "None"? seriously now...

Hao Asakura
2003-11-18, 01:17
Where is the option for "None"? seriously now...

Maybe the one who posted this thread forgot to put 'Yuusuke' , 'None' , or even 'I like all of them' choices in it :heh:
Seems like a lotta people hate this Baka-trio due to their EXTREME measure of ecchiness :p
Aarrghh....how could i forget about that bear rape scene. It is a serious pain in the ass to ever recall that :dots:

2003-11-18, 03:49
I agree with the other guys here their should of been a option to choose none to balance it out.

2003-11-18, 22:11
I like the three guys. I think they make each other stand out. ^^; It just wouldn't be the same without one of them.

Bacchi-gu : He's just hillarious.. He always does really stupid things. He's the most perverted of the three in a way.. Even though i'm not the type of person who laughs at perverted things, usually what he did just caught me offguard and I always laughed a lot. Like.. When he wore a bra. :P "I have E-cups!"

Tenjin : I wouldn't say he's the most normal one.. x.o;; But I'd say he's the least perverted character. He just does really weird things, like when he eats rice while thinking about his "little sister".. But I think it's cute in a way that he wants a little sister and stuff. x.x

Ichiban-boshi : I thought he was the most annoying of them all... But he was really funny too. I liked how he always read "how to get a girlfriend" type books.. :P Also whenever he sang "My honey Futaba.." with really stupid english lyrics, I'd laugh a lot..

2003-11-18, 22:18
sheesh I just make an suggestion then someone goes and gives me a negative feedback, with out giving a reason why. Good thing I can turn the Rep thing off in the options. I think the whole reputation feature should be disabled who knows what someone what a grudge could do with it.

2003-11-18, 22:24
The question is who is your favorite... not if you like or dislike them...The answer is "None"..Now, how do I vote?

2003-11-18, 22:29
The answer is "None"..Now, how do I vote?

watch out someone might give you a bad rep for posting that they did it to me.

2003-11-18, 22:58
Meh to the bad rep, Keitarou-san..That option should be reserved for the MOD's only because they dont give-a-damn..Beside I come to the forum because I enjoy putting down my thoughts and I dont want to ruin my enjoyment for cheesy rep..

2003-11-18, 23:26
I'd have to say Tenjin without a doubt.
Bacchiguu(I think this is more accurate than the opening thread) is far too much of a hentai. He knows absolutely NOTHING about ANYTHING but sex. What's worse, he thinks that all the girls are naturally as horny as he is, nay, MORE horny. How he can delude himself to think that the things he does would make the girls throw themselves at his feet begging to be violated and raped is beyond me. Too stupid, too perverse. No good.
Ichibanboshi is a little better. He at least tries to make some advances that seek an intermediate step between strangers and bedmates. Bachiguu basically seems to say: "Hey, you're sexy, there is a flat surface here, let's get it on!" Ichibanboshi still expects the girls to be excessively randy, but he at least makes some pretense at wanting some other relationship. His main problem is that he has chosen Futaba, a girl who has chosen another man and can see through any of his almost-subtle advances.
Tenjin, on the other hand, doesn't seem too bad, exactly. he may be a lolita-little-sister freak, but he doesn't seem to really want to hurt Sanae-chan. He wants an adoring little sister who will love him, but I don't think he will ever try to make her do something ecchi. Also, his advances are sincere and do not lead to the bed in the discernible future. The main reason he doesn't easily win Sanae-chan's heart is because Tenjin is a world-class imbecilic idiot. I've discovered more intelligent things walking a sick dog. He means well, but how could anyone intelligent expect a girl to like a wooden bear?
All that said, the combo of the three is scary. I'm not going to spoil anything except to say that there's this one scene in the Gym equipment room that ----------------------------------------------