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Conversation Between Dahak86 and EroKing
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  1. Dahak86
    2015-12-31 15:00
    Happy New Year
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  2. EroKing
    2015-12-31 13:41
    Happy New Year!
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  3. Dahak86
    2015-12-24 00:59
    Merry Xmas to you too!

    Btw, I was taking a look at the upcoming season: gotta say that at first glance seems rather unimpressive...
    As always though, I'll wait till first screencaps are out before deciding what to stick with and what to trash.
  4. EroKing
    2015-12-22 02:55
    Merry Christmas!
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  5. Dahak86
    2015-11-28 03:18
    I'll add ya, but don't expect me to be online that much... Especially lately that I'm "busy" with AC:Syndicate.
  6. EroKing
    2015-11-28 02:39
    Are you on skype dude? Add me - mrbushido85.
  7. EroKing
    2015-11-25 00:52
    Yea IP-based. Tried switching DNS servers but didn't help. Easiest way to unblock everything would be to just use CyberGhost VPN. Too lazy to start it up every time though
  8. Dahak86
    2015-11-24 13:05
    Though I had to watch this with a proxy as my stupid country/ISP has blocked...
    If it's a DNS-based blockade, it's easily fixable by changing DNS servers in windows. In the case it's an IP-based block instead, then yes... only options are proxies/VPNs/TOR. (Tor Browser does a good job in that regard)
  9. EroKing
    2015-11-20 02:30
    Indeed, the previous season was kinda meh. This one has been highly entertaining
  10. Dahak86
    2015-11-20 02:22
    Was kind of busy in real life. Also didn't see anything particularly interesting the past season. But you're free to correct me on the latter...

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