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Conversation Between Last Sinner and Kanon
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  1. Kanon
    2022-09-23 08:36
    I'm near the end of season 6 of Brooklyn 99. The show's definitely gotten more woke, but what bothers me is that it often takes itself too seriously now. It's still a comedy of course, but sometimes I feel like this isn't the same show anymore.

    Gina leaving was also a major bummer. She came back in the latest episode I watched but I'm pretty sure it's a one-time thing.
  2. Last Sinner
    2022-09-16 08:48
    Last Sinner
    Harley Quinn S3 has finished. To my pleasant surprise, it had a twist that has justified S4. Along with some very canon-breaking stuff this season that went down fine.
  3. Last Sinner
    2022-09-13 08:04
    Last Sinner
    I do own it. Need to finish watching it. Remember starting it and linking it. Another title that actually dared to delve properly into something titles in any medium rarely do these days - not be OP to start with, learn over time, gradually improve with realistic struggles.
  4. Kanon
    2022-09-13 06:59
    You're welcome, I guess

    I've been watching Kaleido Star lately, picked it up mostly because Junichi Sato directed it. I wasn't sure I'd like it since I'm not really a fan of circus but it's a really great show! It's also interesting to see how some of the cast carried over to Aria. Ryo Hirohashi (Alice) is voicing the MC and Sayaka Ohara (Alicia) the performer she admires the most. I'm also pretty sure Eri Kawai (Athena's singing voice) sang a couple of songs too.
  5. Last Sinner
    2022-09-13 06:00
    Last Sinner
    I was going to ask why it is Lycoris Recoil has such a following this season. Then you explained it simply but aptly. People watch it for the characters, not the plot. All I need to know and never care again. Thanks for the closure.
  6. Kanon
    2022-09-06 14:17
    Well, at least it sounds like you're moving up in the world. Hope you'll get that promotion.
  7. Last Sinner
    2022-09-06 12:17
    Last Sinner
    Getting to it, Tatami Galaxy rewatch and Aria movies soon...I've had to drop everything to get a promotion application done and a mortgage loan application prepared. First one will be submitted today, other one will be almost done, so I'm hoping the next week of evenings will give me time and just enough brain function to watch them.

    Spring is under way but while trees are blossoming, weather is all over the place. After one warm day, several days of way above average rain are incoming. Nights are still cold. Just hoping things are better in October. I'm getting tired of feeling like utter heck after work. Warmer weather and the prospect of around a month off during summer give me something to aim for short term. Long term will obviously be getting that mortgage loan and paying it off - which I imagine will take me until my early-mid 50s.
  8. Kanon
    2022-08-29 17:11
    You haven't watched?! I'm shocked! It's a great anime film.
  9. Last Sinner
    2022-08-29 17:08
    Last Sinner
    Or to inform me I should watch that too. I haven't seen that yet.

    Actually, my friend who plays Playstation/PSP only says he had the same issue with FF6.
  10. Kanon
    2022-08-29 17:01
    Finished rewatching the Tatami Galaxy. Even better the second time. This evening I turn on my TV to watch some Brooklyn 99 and I see an "ad" saying The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl is available for streaming for a limited time on the app of one of our channel (it's actually the first time I see an anime there). Feels like the Universe is telling me to rewatch that, too.

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