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Conversation Between Blade_Lord and alamarco
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  1. alamarco
    2009-02-14 04:53
    Yo yo!

    How have you been? Start any new anime/manga?

    I've been MIA for a while. Got really busy and really neglected AnimeSuki. I hope to be more active if I can starting tomorrow as it's 5 AM right now .
  2. Blade_Lord
    2008-12-25 02:27
    Merry Christmas Alamarco.
  3. Blade_Lord
    2008-12-25 02:18
    Merry Christmas Alamarco.
  4. alamarco
    2008-06-22 04:16
    I haven't seen the anime, but the manga is top notch. Currently the manga is on hiatus so no new chapters since sometime in May. I consider it better than Naruto as the system in Hunter x Hunter is a lot better and more indepth than the chakra system. Not to mention the story line is pretty good for Hunter x Hunter.

    If you have the time I recommend reading it, you wont regret it. Just don't bother with the anime. The anime hasn't been done since around 2002 I think and it stopped in the middle of an arc. I doubt, considering the length of time since, that the anime will pick up again.
  5. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-21 04:33
    is hunter x hunter good?
  6. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-12 22:42
    Sorry but I don't have any favourite characters in Naruto anime.

    You can probably guess my favourite anime, Fate Stay Night.
  7. alamarco
    2008-06-12 16:37
    Yup, favourite character is Kakashi. He's just hilarious with his granny jokes and his book . Close second would be Shikamaru. Very intelligent, yet very lazy. His views on woman are very comedic. Who's your favourite?

    Naruto is my favourite anime though. What's yours?
  8. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-12 01:19
    You watch Naruto? Who's your favorite character?
  9. alamarco
    2008-06-03 11:56
    Sure, sounds good
  10. Blade_Lord
    2008-06-03 09:29
    Hi there, do you want to be my friend?

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