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Conversation Between dec4rhapsody and blottyparchment
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  1. blottyparchment
    2012-08-23 09:10
    Hey, there. My gosh, I just thought of peeking at my account and, like, found a message I should have read eons ago >.<. The only thing I update often enough these days is FB. I'll pm you or maybe email you
    . So sorry, to be updating you only now...
  2. dec4rhapsody
    2012-01-25 15:31
    Long time no see. I'm still in the US. Miss you so much...Yeah the 2012 calender with Queen!Kallen was just kyaaaaaaaa. You are not using IM anymore? At least leave me a URL of something that you update often.
  3. blottyparchment
    2011-11-12 09:56
    Hey dec! Still in the US? How's it going? Not using IM at all these days, since I switched computers...Did you see the 2012 calendar?
  4. dec4rhapsody
    2011-08-16 10:49
    It's been a while. How are you doing? Any IM messenger's you still using?
  5. blottyparchment
    2011-04-17 04:51
    Hey there. How are your studies? Koshimizu Ami's character in Star Driver is diff. from Kallen (keito's yandere) but you can't help but see parallels. >_>
  6. dec4rhapsody
    2011-04-04 14:34
    Hey you still around there? Just checked out star driver on your advice...またそれかよ!
  7. blottyparchment
    2010-10-30 07:03
    oh, good for you. How long will you be studying there? Which university?
  8. dec4rhapsody
    2010-10-09 15:17
    I am already in the US...neglecting schoolwork, playing Hakuouki....Arrrgh, Chizuru is sooo cute.
  9. blottyparchment
    2010-10-01 21:16
    Hey dec~
    Are you leaving for the US soon?
    What's been occupying you these days?
  10. dec4rhapsody
    2010-06-16 21:50
    How are you doing?
    I finally got my F-1 visa~

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