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Conversation Between Rising Dragon and GN0010 Nosferatu
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  1. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2016-07-12 16:04
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    Well hopefully they stick around longer than a few episodes. Don't see why they would be removed though, extra mobility is always a plus, even the bulkiest Barbatos form had hip boosters, as ugly as they were. Got my fingers crossed. Now I just want the story to stay fixed on Mars.
  2. Rising Dragon
    2016-07-12 15:55
    Rising Dragon
    That means it's not permanent. :V
  3. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2016-07-12 15:50
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    Well it's permenant add on to the new default Barbatos. Later upgrades might remove it, but for now I'll take what I can get.
  4. Rising Dragon
    2016-07-12 15:28
    Rising Dragon
    I wouldn't count on the hip boosters being permanent.
  5. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2016-07-12 15:13
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    The hip boosters sealed the deal for me, my favorite feature from the 5th form, now added on permanently. And there's only 1 Graze so far, thank god. Now hopefully the battles will be bigger.
  6. Rising Dragon
    2016-07-12 15:05
    Rising Dragon
    It certainly looks more thoroughly armored, that's for sure.
  7. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2016-07-12 14:47
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    IBO season 2 MS look fantastic. The 2 new Gundams are gorgeous, and the new Barbstos Lupus is far better than all the other forms.
  8. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2016-06-13 12:19
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    Oh damn, and the dragon one cross bow too!

    I'd also like to see of someone could make like a fully closed off dragon scale helmet.
  9. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2016-06-13 12:11
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    I'd like to try and make a new type of weapon too. Call it like...dragon scale weaponry. Basically it would be dragon bone weapons, but the hsndles in dragon scales.
  10. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2016-06-13 12:09
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    Oh, and that one mod where you tell The Blades to STFU about Paarthurnaax, I wanna be able to use that one too.

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