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Conversation Between MisterJB and shelter
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  1. shelter
    2009-09-30 09:49
    Hmmm...the Hinamori & Halibel + Aizen one will probably need to be Aizen-centric to make it believable. At the moment I don't think, comparatively, that both are in any way similar except for their betrayal. You could focus on the key difference: Halibel didn't see it coming, but Hinamori might have welcomed dying for anything related to Aizen. The other one sounds much less tricky.

    Unfortunately (honestly) I'm one of those writers who employ multiple betas because I believe it worth the time to ask fellow writers to read & give comments & point out mistakes. But I'll make it worth your while. For starters, most (if not all) of my fics have a female character as the lead (something that was common in Claymore carried over to my Bleach fanfiction.)

    Ahh episode 223. Which means fillers are over?
  2. MisterJB
    2009-09-29 09:08
    Thanks for the support. So far, I only got two ideas for two oneshots.
    One about Halibel, Hinamori and their relationship with Aizen. And one about Orihime's time in Hueco Mundo. What do you think?

    beta...that means proof-reading, rigth? I would like to do that, of course. Sadly, I'm not that sure if I'm the most qualified person for that task.

    I just finished watching episode 223. Omaeda imitating Soi Fon is still funny after the 500th time

    Awww, she looked so sad when she killed Ggio
  3. shelter
    2009-09-28 09:59
    Wow that's good. I see you're making the transition to Bleach fanfiction too

    You've really thought things out there - the Halibel & Hinamori similarity, and the bias towards opponents of Ichigo. All this will definitely make a good plot... Do let me know when you've finished your one-shot. I'd love to read it.

    I just noticed that for some reason the Bleach forum on Animesuki doesn't have a fanfiction thread.

    Btw, can you beta Claymore & Bleach fics for me? My beta is down & out for a few months
  4. MisterJB
    2009-09-26 14:03
    It's a pity that Stark and Halibel didn't get to be main rivals of Ichigo. The Espada who fougth against the main character were the ones that got most character development, even Nnoitra.

    What makes me believe that Stark will have some kind of appearence is the fact that we have heard nothing from Lillynette yet.

    Quite frankly, I could believe in Stark joining SS but just doesn't seem like something she would do, especially after old Yama-ji fried Apache, Mila Rose and Sun-Sun.
    I suposse that all I can expect is a flashback and for Halibel to do something that'll really anger Aizen. Maybe stopping him from creating the Royal Key or some kind of suicidal attack.

    Now we'll never get to see Halibel vs Yoruichi.

    At least, I think we can safely assume that Ice-midget will be really pissed of by this. He'll see Hinamori on Halibel.

    Yamamoto should be doing someting useful like dueling Aizen instead of sitting around and waiting for the battle to be over.

    Damn, I'm really angry at Aizen. Too weak? If I recall it correctly, her skin had yet to be cut and she was figthing against three opponents. Well, at least this chapter gave me a little idea for a oneshot
  5. shelter
    2009-09-26 10:26
    Actually I believe that both Harribel & Starrk's characters will probably be expanded in the next few episodes. Unlike Barragan, we didn't actually see both Harribel & Starrk disintegrate... Because I doubt Aizen is as powerful as he is without his Espada.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't make a lot of sense also for the Shinigami to heal them. If you asked me, Harribel + Starrk + Uliquoirra + Grimmjow are great enemy characters. Seeing them fight for the Shinigami is, now, bad writing.

    I have a feeling there'll be another weird twist soon. Like maybe the Vizards (?) join Aizen or something. Or someone else defects.

    Now that you mention Yamamoto, I wonder what the hell he's doing while all the fighting's going on.
  6. MisterJB
    2009-09-26 07:32
    Yeah My last hope is that someone from Soul Society heals her. Maybe at Hinamori's request since they've got something in common. They were both betrayed by Aizen.
    Pompous bastard! Just lost all my favoritism.

    If Halibel had falled against someone like Yamamoto, then I wouldn't complain so much. But for her to perish, simply because Aizen deemed that she was not worthy of figthing for him's just sad. She was so loyal to him.

    This is some bad writing from Kubo. If he doesn't have the time and patience to treat his characters like they deserve, then don't create so many. Even Barragan's fraction got better treatment with full anime episodes dedicated solely to them.
    No offence if you like them
  7. shelter
    2009-09-25 21:00
    Your favourite Espada got stabbed in the back
  8. MisterJB
    2009-09-06 12:44
    Yeah that's one of the main problems of Bleach. It has too many likeable characters and so, it's hard to give them all screentime. And of course, the fact that Kubo refuses to kill any good character doesn't help at all.

    The characters that I find more interesting are, undoubtely, Harribel, Aizen, Yoruichi, Urahara and Lolly (don't ask).

    Why Harribel has so little clothes? Kubo wanted to give his male readers some eye-candy, maybe. We deserve it.
    Still, after seeing her Ressurection form, I can't help but wonder where is her hollow-hole. The possible locations are narrowing down.

    Also, it's just me of Aizen can be funyn sometimes? I mean, he is totally badass but his line on chapter 244 cracked me up.
    "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Espada. We are under. But first...shall we have some tea?

    Yes, tea. That's what's important.

    No probs
  9. shelter
    2009-09-06 10:23
    Actually I don't really consider Bleach the way I look at Claymore. Definitely, there are some very interesting Bleach characters - Soi Fon, Yoruichi, Aizen, Isane, Rukia maybe - but the Bleach universe is so big & so confusing that it lacks the depth Claymore has.

    As for the Hitsugaya thing, I'm not sure why he's so popular. (or why Harribel has so little clothes on XD) But I guess every character deserves his day.

    Btw, thanks for review on Migration. No need to say anything. Reading it is enough
  10. MisterJB
    2009-09-06 09:54
    Claymore is still my favorite manga and anime. However, people on other site were always advising me to start reading Bleach.
    Harribel caugth my eye rigth away. She is awesome.

    I still had a Rigardo sig but after reading how Hitsugaya froze Harribel simply because he is the most popular character in Bleach...I started understanding why people say Kubo trolls.

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