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Conversation Between Wavie and kazzu88
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  1. Wavie
    2009-08-15 17:44
    yeah a fair few, how was anime i recommended u before (cant remember what i recommended ya tho lol)

    cross game, valkria chronicals and saki are my current 3 favourites. (not including anime thats been going for a long time tho)

    nothing special action wise last couple of months tho. Umineko no Naku Koro ni is rather interesting but to early to make a judgement
  2. kazzu88
    2009-08-13 19:57
    Hey Mate,

    have you checked out any new series lately?
  3. Wavie
    2009-01-19 14:17
    hey, yep im watching it. Good so far, wasnt sure when i saw first ep but it kicked off on ep 2

    hows the anime been that i recommended ya ?
  4. kazzu88
    2009-01-13 15:47
    Hey whats up, Have you seen the Hajime no Ippo, New Challenger any of the eps yet
  5. kazzu88
    2008-12-04 11:50
    hiya lol no worries, ippo is going gd, havn't found a fav character yet, one piece is gd, stoped for a bit to watch Tsubasa Chronicals which was really gd and looking forward to Tokyo revelations. everthings gd.
  6. Wavie
    2008-11-29 20:43
    hey im bored lol, just thought id see what you thought of whats happened in ippo and one piece so far? fav bit, character, is it still good? how good? watching anymore i recommended lol? slightly drunk hope my stuff makes sense. note you dont need to reply im just bored and typing to people lol
  7. kazzu88
    2008-11-18 15:05
    their going good. going back and forth between one piece and hijame no ippo at the moment both really good
  8. Wavie
    2008-11-18 13:40
    hey hows those anime been going ?
  9. Wavie
    2008-11-14 17:41
    awesome, remember you might not definitely like all my recommendations, everyone has their own taste, but all the animes i recommended you are considered legends among anime . I will have more for ya after you finish those =)

    altho I am sure those will take a while to go through

    If you like hajime no ippo to the new tv series of that starts in January.
    I look forward to what you think of the series. Nice to hear how your suggestions go down.
  10. kazzu88
    2008-11-14 16:30
    lol Thanks Mate,

    I will def check those out.
    we don't have one piece out here, its caught my attention before i just have never watched it.. def wil check it out.
    again thanks, I'll watch these and let you know what i think.

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