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Conversation Between Archon_Wing and Last Sinner
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  1. Archon_Wing
    2018-05-12 00:21
    Thanks. That sounds like fun and quick which is a good combo.

    Fair enough, but I think the development has been pretty good and faster than that of 5 for sure. Witcher 3 I've heard many good things about, but never really had the computer for it

    And yea Steins;Gate ended conclusively enough; I'm always wary of continuations.

    Oh? Well, hopefully it will give yuri a good name. Sadly, 99% of yuri that gets popular is crap these days, what with garbage NTR Trap and Citrus being passed off as stuff like that.
  2. Last Sinner
    2018-05-09 07:04
    Last Sinner
    No problem. Hope things improve on your end. Throne of Lies is more an RP whodunnit. It could be considered a bit like Danganronpa in some ways. But it's quick fire investigation between 16 players and some players are assigned to evil automatically. Throw in humans being humans - you get a real spectrum of reactions to the same incident or info. Average game length would be 15 mins.

    I'll bite on Civ 6 one day but as I previously said, I expect that to be some time in 2020, given the way Sid Meier games go price-wise. My most recent purchase was The Witcher 3, which I had waited a LONG time for the full package to drop to 20 dollars. It's been a worthwhile experience. Things like NieR: Automata, Danganronpa 3 and Hand of Fate 2 are ones I'm willing to play the waiting game on until they reach my acceptable price range.

    Cook Serve Delicious 2 was my purchase late last year for some combo/time management fun. Monkey Island 3 got a Steam release a month ago for its 20th anniversary. Playing it through again for the first time in many years was really something. It's freaky how what it did in 1998 stands up so well to what is done today.

    Anime-wise, Girls Last Tour and Recovery of an MMO Junkie were my fave titles of last year. This year I haven't found a clear winner yet but there was a lot on offer that hit a high enough mark. Current season, hoping Steins;Gate 0 will deliver but I'm somewhat concerned so far.

    Yuri-wise, it may be notable for you that the Flowers series of VNs will have the 2nd of its games come out this year. Someone from JAST says the translation is complete and that they're in the tech side of it now. Which is heartening that JAST feels they did well enough on the first one to continue, so I'm hoping that by some time in 2020, all 4 will be available in English. It's comparable to Marimite in some ways but it definitely mixes in its own style with being very old-school literature influenced. And damn, the artwork is so darn pretty. I actually got a collectors edition of the first game back in 2016 to help support its release. It's nice to know some of the better ones are becoming available now.

    Which reminds me...I really should fork out for Love, Guitars and the Nashville Skyline sometime soon. Another notable yuri VN in a more unexpected setting.
  3. Archon_Wing
    2018-05-09 00:31
    Not too well, but I'm ok. Yea, board game style ones can always be fun. I don't really game much though, usually sticking to a few games such as Civilization VI-- found some decent deals on it and it is well worth the money.

    That handle name is pretty common due to being the title of a popular song though I suppose it could sound a bit pretentious. The one I know is actually pretty good at showing gratitude but I'll just leave it at that; I don't like to get involved into interpersonal affrairs that I'm not personally involved in. Prefer a drama free zone these days as I'm too old for that. Usually. :]
  4. Last Sinner
    2018-05-08 20:47
    Last Sinner
    Hello there. Hope you're well.

    Incidentally, do you play a game called Throne of Lies? It sounds like your kind of game.

    And if that was actually Reckoner in the session I just played - tell him maybe in 10 years he might be capable of learning to show gratitude for being carried.
  5. Archon_Wing
    2016-06-19 18:28
    Wow, well that's a lot of shit. Sorry to hear that, but it's not atypical when it comes to anime discussion. It just seems like there's too many sacred cows and what results is a really insular discussion where everyone's not in the in is left out. We saw it with Kyoani, later Shaft, and also whatever VN is cool. I mean, it's only natural to be really protective of things of what one holds quality but at the same time when someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they hate you (or vice versa)

    I don't know enough about the subject matter, so i guess that's as far as I will pry.

    Well, glad to see you have things to look forward too. And as for Attack on Titan I'm curious on what kind of corner it'll write itself into. But whatever.
  6. Last Sinner
    2016-06-17 23:49
    Last Sinner
    The presence of karice67 became far more pronounced during the airing of Erased. That was where she was most vocal. She became rather obnoxious towards anyone who felt the manga was better, particularly in the final episodes as the two heavily diverged at that point. Using a director interview as an excuse, she claimed that the anime was above reproach/criticism for taking the path it did.

    Original ending, I have no issue with. But when the final episodes throw a ton of character development/behaviours out the window then ask you to believe in something that utterly contradicts all that came before in terms of logic/consistency, I do think there is a basis to be critical of it.

    And therein lies the issue. karice67 took extreme issue with that and was hostile to any person who preferred the manga. And she went up in arms at literally any comment that she perceived to be a spoiler. Ironically, almost all of them weren't. But as a mod explained to me, they could be perceived to be and had to be removed. I certainly wasn't in the wrong at any point, according to the mods. But karice67 took the self-righteous stance atop Mount Pious and cried foul at any manga person, then went into the manga thread, exhibited the behaviour that she had criticised herself then left and intentionally denied any right of reply. After the final episode, those that had issues with the ending or wanted to know how the manga did it messaged me for it - somewhere between 30 to 40 people. Yeah....people did care/want to know but karice67 had intimidated them to having to pursue it privately.

    What she fails to understand is that people weren't taking issue with the anime taking a different direction. It was how it did it. A sheer lack of consistency, failure to justify/properly establish certain characters. And that she refused to allow a contrary yet valid opinion to be discussed. I had a fairly passionate stance of being very crushed after the second to last episode. She went on a verbal assault and tried to have me found out of line for it. The mods didn't agree with her. After she gave some verbal attacks to Triple_R and Tempester, I had a chat with the mods and decided I'd had enough of posting there and most threads in general. Thought it might have been time to trust people could be civil overall. Sadly, the presence of people like karice67 - despite their intentions - make it utterly volatile and spiteful. Which she did with you, even though you had a valid inquiry.

    You haven't missed much so far this year. Aside from Rakugo and She And Her Cat, there hasn't been much else to keep for the long-term. Rakugo was a very adult, different, well done depiction of rakugo performances from decades ago and the ills/negatives of the times along with people in general. She And Her Cat is Shinkai-influenced. 4 short episodes about a woman and her cat. Kana Hanazawa really owned her role despite the limited time. Erased should have remained a winner but fell apart late - the manga is worth reading though since it did hold it together.

    So I said 'so far.' Here's why - July is going to be a good season. That I am certain of.


    Those in particular are three titles I think you'd find worth viewing. Orange actually managed to top the bestseller chat in the US with its 2nd/final omnibus a couple of weeks ago despite a sea of shounen and still held #2 last week. Amanchu is from the same author as Aria. ReLife is somewhere in between Erased and Orange content-wise.

    Orange goes to some dark places but handles the subject matter relatively well, looks good and obliterates shoujo tropes for the greater part. Kana Hanazawa is going to voice the lead female, Naho - I feel she is the best suited person for this role.
    Amanchu is about diving in the countryside. It's soulful and rejuvenating like Aria was. Simple but delightful. Aria staff are back so should be in good hands.
    ReLIFE is an intriguing mix of black humour, reality and optimism. It's a bit more dramatic/romance slanted but it still has the kind of maturity and refreshing approach Erased and Orange also have.

    Other possibilities are Danganronpa 3 in two lots (yeah, anime meh but original game for the first one was stellar). And eventually the new Shinkai movie will emerge by the end of the year. It has a world premiere in the US in July and then Japan cinema run in August.

    For those with tastes different to mine, the moe people will have their new Love Live and Rewrite while the shounens get their next helping of Food Wars. Those needing gory action will have the long overdue new lot of Berserk.

    My most cynical friends are looking forward to Orange, Amanchu and ReLIFE, as they've also read the source material and are very convinced by them. I think they may be worth you giving a go. Because we all know October will be freaking overrun with Attack on Titan 2 and good luck to anything else that season.
  7. Archon_Wing
    2016-06-17 01:26
    Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. I assume something had caused you to come over and honestly, I'm all ears/eyes, so don't bother holding back if you have more to say.

    I think it is an issue that seems to be a general trend (not focused on any individual) that it's almost like trying to steer conversations to either one of advantage or interest. Often times in an argument, we have people disingenuously trying to dig themselves out of a hole by effectively trying to throw out or censor certain topics. The Hibike Euphomium discussions were utterly frustrating as a result and truth be told I think that opposing sides have points but they're talking past each other and ultimately we could have discussed more about the show, but it's a lost cause.

    I mean, I try not to self-regulate threads unless something is offensive or insulting because as you know there is absolutely nothing to be gained from those things, I don't know. I think most of these things are done with good intentions but on the other hand it's sort of like well, actually there is a lot more meaning to the discussion here than at face value and sometimes when someone makes a judgement when they don't understand the topic fully, it leads to that.

    Though of course, I'm probably tooting my own horn, I mean we're talking about an analysis of Mari Okada stuff. But I just get the feeling that if the subject at hand were some of AS's darling series (Sup hyped LN of the month) then there would be no qualm, but mecha anime? Well screw that. That's a dead genre!

    Still, I understand your sentiment, and it definitely is a reason why I don't really post much anymore. Well, haven't been watching much though.
  8. Last Sinner
    2016-06-16 21:09
    Last Sinner
    I responded because you were the latest person karice67 has been rude/self-righteous towards. For months she's acted like she's the queen of AS. Gave up on talking in threads for the greater part because of all the flames she fans and conversations she steers to her point of view.
  9. Archon_Wing
    2016-06-16 11:42
    Hi. I don't know atm.

    What brings you here on this topic though? I'm more interested in that.
  10. Last Sinner
    2016-06-16 09:48
    Last Sinner
    karice67 trying to be forceful with you? My sympathies.

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