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Conversation Between rena-zwei and SOJC
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  1. SOJC
    2009-06-24 16:05
    Exams, lots and lots of exams...I think I've done badly in some of them and now I'm packing to go back home over the summer. But other than that life's good...^-^
  2. rena-zwei
    2009-06-16 09:41
    I'm good whats new
  3. SOJC
    2009-06-11 14:41
    Long time, no are you?
  4. SOJC
    2008-12-08 22:54
    Good morning, How are you?
  5. SOJC
    2008-11-29 22:01
    I'm ok, trying to get all my work done...a bit cold though...
  6. rena-zwei
    2008-11-29 21:37
    Fine how are you today
  7. SOJC
    2008-11-29 19:58
    Hi, how do you do?
  8. SOJC
    2008-11-28 18:55
    Ah cool, just wondering that is all...

    I'm not too bad...what about you, how are you today?
  9. rena-zwei
    2008-11-28 17:57
    hi how are you and i teyed in avatras and i saw you'rs and justed clicked that how i found you^_^
  10. SOJC
    2008-11-28 14:26
    Thank you for the friend request... ^-^
    It's nice to meet you...

    Out of curiosity, how did you find me?

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