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Conversation Between Jintor and risingstar3110
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  1. risingstar3110
    2009-08-12 07:20
    Yeah i suspected that must be the reason. So it's really is ^^
  2. Jintor
    2009-08-12 04:55
    Had no time in the song to fit it, if I wanted to keep to the beat.
  3. risingstar3110
    2009-08-12 03:55
    Didn't mention this before (i guess) but your Endless Eight video: "It's all been done" are really well done, the screen and the song stuck in my head now ^__^

    I loved everytime similar screens of each episode flashed in front of us (the bike one or when Haruhi slept next to Mikuru), remind me of Haruhi daily hairstyle moment in S1

    PS: why don't you have 5-6 episodes flash through till the clock screen 1st, and then 1 more loop with the rest of episode up to when Haruhi step out of the shop, and then ending? Must have a reason for the current order, right?

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