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Conversation Between Last Sinner and stray
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  1. stray
    2023-03-21 15:14
    I didn't finish Trails to Zero but more importantly I hate Rean Schwarzer with the fire of a thousand suns so I basically abandoned the entire franchise. I might check out Skip and Loafer but PA Works is kinda hit or miss -- Buddy Daddies was a definite miss for me.

    My favorite winter series have been Tsundere Lieselotte and Angel Next Door, with an honorable mention for Inukai-san's Dog. I thought Tomo-chan would be way more 4 koma but ended up loving it, and I was never that into Danmachi but I caught up because I heard good things about S4 and got pretty into it. The delays have been pretty brutal as well, to multiple series.

    Are you following the World Baseball Classic at all? I was a bit worried Mexico would take Japan out but in the end we got the final (USA vs Japan) everybody probably wanted. Should be a good game.
  2. Last Sinner
    2023-03-21 07:30
    Last Sinner
    Trails of Azure end up being any good?

    Next season, Ancient Magus S2 and and Skip to Loafer were the ones I had eyes on. Maybe Jigokuraku. Maybe After School Insomniacs.
  3. stray
    2023-03-20 13:21
    Yeah CJGJ needs a new agent. After turning the Eagles down the market was so bad that he went with a 1 year "prove it" contract with 6.5m guaranteed and the rest in incentives. Detroit should be a contender this year though if they can carry over momentum.

    Spring anime season should have a few gems... Dangers in My Heart is one of my favorite mangas, Oshi no Ko should be really solid, and Yamada at Lv 999 is good shoujo fluff... it might be up your alley somewhat. I might give Goddess Cafe Terrace a shot though I kinda hate Seo Kouji. What else... Yuri is My Job!, and maybe one or two other series I've got my eye on.
  4. Last Sinner
    2023-03-20 09:14
    Last Sinner
    Seems that CJGJ went to the Lions. Cooks gets liberated from the Texans to the Cowboys for very little draft capital. AFL season started and supposedly had its 3rd most attended round ever but...I am finding it hard to care. The other side in my state had a big home win against a top 4 side of last year. Mine started great but was very inaccurate and they got overrun. Getting a sneaking feeling my side might be 0-5 in a month.

    Been listening to loads of post rock lately on a channel called WherePostRockDwells. Certainly gets me through a lot of irksome days and nights I need to chill.

    I...need to get onto Ancient Magus S1 before S2 starts...along with catch up on Tomo-chan is a Girl. Just can't vibe with anime lately. Guessing once it's cold in a month that will change.
  5. stray
    2023-03-19 14:46
    Its been an interesting free agency week overall... I'm happy that the Eagles were able to keep their secondary intact at least at the corners. CJGJ is still a question mark though he seems irritated by the weak market for safeties. RB are kinda disposable nowadays too, Miles Sanders went to Carolina and Dallas dumped Zeke unceremoniously. I don't know what to expect from Lamar but his self agency bullshit has to be turning away at least a few teams. I kind of expect they'll just keep franchising him at this rate. Jets seem poised to give up the farm for Rodgers which seems like a waste.

    I never really got into Hearthstone but now that I think about it its been almost 10 years since I logged into my World of Warcraft account. I had a decent amount of gold back then which is probably worth the change you'd find in the couch after that much inflation.

    For Nendoroid preorders I usually order straight from Good Smile but I'm a bit underwhelmed by Ushio. Feels like the quality has dropped off a bit on newer nendos. I'm ordering from RightStuf less and less but I just preordered a bunch of manga with summer release dates. Its been getting harder and harder to hit their free shipping threshold.
  6. Last Sinner
    2023-03-14 10:24
    Last Sinner
    Lot of O-line moved teams on Day 1. Denver loaded up amongst others. Bates going to Atlanta was another intriguing one. Guess they can't afford Jackson anymore - not that I think Baltimore will let him go anywhere this year. But...holding out is a thing.

    Generally get stuff from Amiami. Anything needing to be in English, Rightstuf.

    For the last week, I had a sudden itch to go back to Hearthstone for the first time in 3 years. After the first day, I was disgusted by how out of control cards that Discover a card/Cast 20 mana of random spells/turn your whole deck into spells of higher cost but retaining the original cost/play your whole deck in 1 turn were. So...I was compelled to find a way to construct a beatdown deck with none of those vile near-endless card generator cards that could smash through them and the utter aggro decks. I was very limited since I hadn't played in years, so with what I had, I went to the Wild format, spent my remaining dust on some new legendaries and made a Mech Mage deck. One week later...I actually made Legend rank. Ironic...I spent 5 years back in the day trying to get to Legend and always falling short by a few ranks in the tier before Legends. This time...I actually punched through. And it felt damn good. I literally saw no one playing the deck I was. I didn't spend any money, I didn't go after the pay-to-win mini sets, I didn't play a popular deck. To finally make it after all this time was a real sense of euphoria. To do it my way and go completely against what was popular was infinitely amplifying that satisfaction.
  7. stray
    2023-03-13 12:29
    I'm not sure how I feel about the QB in this year's draft... Bryce Young might end up being great but he's a bit short and I'm not that fond of Alabama QB in general. Durant really seems to have become brittle in his older years... I'm really not sure how scared anyone should be about PHX. The entire Western Conference is a logjam of .500 teams so its really anyone's to win.

    Not sure where you ordered from but my Ushio Nendoroid shipped... should be here by Wednesday or Thursday.
  8. Last Sinner
    2023-03-12 12:48
    Last Sinner
    Chuck Fletcher has been fired. Perhaps the Flyers will 'eventually' progress.

    Durant injuring himself in a warmup was bizarre. Morant indefinitely suspended over the gun incident. Bears trade the #1 pick to the Panthers for two 1sts, two 2nds and DJ Moore.

    Edit - Jalen Ramsay just got traded to Miami.
  9. stray
    2023-03-05 11:09
    I liked the Rumbling Hearts art style but couldn't really get into it. I might have tried to watch Scrapped Princess at some point but don't really remember. Early aughts anime was hit or miss for me though, there's only a handful of series from that era I really liked. Popotan is an underrated classic ecchi from 2003... produced by Shaft before they were Shaft. I always kinda hated Ikkitousen though, speaking of ecchi from 2003. If you're feeling really spicy the Tsukihime anime was from 2003 as well... if it existed anyway.

    Sixers have matched up well against the Bucks all season but can't beat the Celtics... that could change though I suppose. I guess we'll see who we actually get in the playoffs, since there's also Cavs, Heat, Knicks, maybe the Nets and Raptors to contend with too.

    There's very little gaming wise I'm looking forward to this year after Octopath II ... maybe I'll spend some time playing FFXIV or finish Life is Strange 3 finally... or maybe Elden Ring will hit 50% off and I'll actually buy it. Akiba's Trip Director's Cut is the only thing I have preordered.
  10. Last Sinner
    2023-03-05 10:18
    Last Sinner
    Well, 76ers broke the Bucks' 16 game winning streak so they might be capable. And I didn't make a joke about the Canucks earlier because I knew the Leafs would somehow lose tonight...but I didn't foresee because of 2 shorthanded goals on the same power's getting ready for Tampa at this point.

    Road 96 requires the right mood. I played it during my month off. Leave it until the time is right. I was kind of hyped for the prequel...and then I saw the first 14 minutes...and then I removed it from my wishlist. Sadly, it forgot what made people want to play the original. Which is still very worthy.

    Avatar and sig are to make people wonder 'where is that from' if they don't know. Summertime Rendering will likely be forgotten with how much new content gets pushed out but moreso that it was the shounen that wasn't. Night Cascades, hardly anyone would know it even exists. A passion project from one person in their bedroom that outdoes almost any VN but won't get noticed because of not having branding and because it was about adults. Then again, knowing these things exist is enough.

    Going to revisit 2003 titles this year. The ones I have marked:

    Jan - Someday's Dreamers
    April - Last Exile, Scrapped Princess
    July - Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, Tokyo Godfathers
    October - Planetes, Rumbling Hearts

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