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Conversation Between Keroko and ghazghkull
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  1. Keroko
    2013-06-20 07:43
    Warble garble, I cheer at seeing someone again after a while then disappear myself for days. <_<

    Anyhoo, doing fine. Dutch summer's being Dutch again (17, 17, 18, 20, LOL 30 DEGREES BITCHES! 20 22 etc.) but hey, at least I graduated and become a professional video editor today!

    Now to find work. -_-;
  2. ghazghkull
    2013-06-16 20:27
    Pretty good. On summer break at the moment, though also in the limbo of trying to get my military application finished so I can finally wait for the Yes or No part of my application @.@

  3. Keroko
    2013-06-14 18:10
    Ghaz! Long time no see! How's life?
  4. ghazghkull
    2013-06-14 00:24
    *peers in* Umm....hi? :3
  5. ghazghkull
    2009-05-17 13:16
    *pokes* a question. Can you possibly find me the lyrics to this song, considering that you seem to be a Little Busters! fan?

  6. ghazghkull
    2008-06-07 15:15
    lol it's a segment from my latest chapter

    And as promised, this will be the first thing you read on my story chances are, it'll be editted and expanded l8r
  7. ghazghkull
    2008-06-07 02:54
    Hey, a little something for you

    “I swear, that Hayato is an idiot,” Syn grumbled from her bed.

    “Syn, are you still going on about that?” Vivio asked coming out of the bathroom as she towelled her hair dry.

    “That’s because he is!” Syn declared, and sat on the bed cross-legged. “I mean who in their right mind would honestly get their device blown up on mission like that?!”

    “Syn,” Vivio sighed, sitting down next to the girl, “it wasn’t his fault.”

    “He should’ve kept better care of it,” Syn mumbled, opting to rest her chin in the palm of one hand, while the other idly twirled locks of her ultramarine hair. “I mean even I could’ve taken better care of that device. But now look at it! One’s just scrap metal, and the other looked like it had gone to hell and died!

    “And what was up with that some platoon officer? Did he have some sort of stick shoved up his ass? He was a jackass, that’s what! Talking to Lanstar-san like that, I mean c’mon!”

    Vivio simply sighed and listened as Syn launched into a tirade. Her complaints ranged from Hayato’s performance, to Ryoutaro hiding his rank, to how the Belkarangers were utter goofballs in great length, to many other things Vivio didn’t really bother to remember or really make out. But despite it all, she found comfort in just listening to the girl talk. It was usually how their days went whenever they had down time: Syn would make some snide comment of some sorts, and then she in turn would try to reason her out of it, which would lead from one thing to another until she would launch into a tirade. The end result was that she would end up going for minutes on end talking about anything and everything that bothered her.

    But to Vivio, it was something she enjoyed. For the most part. It was more the idea that she could just hangout with her best friend, even if it was in a one-sided conversation. Back home on base, the two of them would just situate themselves on or under a tree together, and spend whatever break they had idly talking about anything, or it was Vivio listening to Syn rant her heart out.

    Letting out a sigh, Vivio sat behind Syn and leaned against her back, and closed her eyes, and simply let Syn’s voice fill the room.

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