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Conversation Between Ray and Kirito
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  1. Ray
    2012-06-18 17:07
    So I've heard, haha. Need moar Zidane x Garnet. My PS3 is backwards compatible, and I still have my PS1 FFIX disk, so yep, it's just a matter of sitting down and playing it. The problem is that I no longer have my saves. :/

    Yeah, Vivi is awesome. I'm really fond of Zidane, myself; I love characters that can get things done.

    Ah. Then I think it was a good thing. Well, I could be wrong, but that's what I would've taken it as.

    Ahaha, I plan on doing exactly that. I have a "to-do list" made out for after my I finish my last exam. And eh, where are you getting these Dwarven Vows from? xD
  2. Kirito
    2012-06-18 16:56
    Yeah, FF IX was a classic. I've played and beaten it several times and I'm planning on playing it again right now. Finish it when you have time, the ending is amazing. My favourite character is Vivi "tugs heart" he's an adorable little guy with a big heart and a wounded soul. To me he was the "true" lead character of FF IX because he's an identifiable and magical character than many people can connect with. It's me just, but yeah, he's such a magical character.

    The manager wasn't upset, he was amused but a little shocked that I was out of "character" to say the least.

    Better get the rest and last minute cramming that you can because tomorrow you have to make it count. I wish you the best of luck dude and Dwarven Vow #24: Never let your feet run faster than your shoes.
  3. Ray
    2012-06-18 16:38
    Ah, a IX fan? God damn it, I need to fucking finish that game. I kept getting stuck in the VERY last dungeon. :<

    Haha, that phrase can be a good or bad thing; if the manager is fond of you, then it's a good thing, I suppose..

    No problemo.

    Meh, an hour and a half til bed time. I can sleep until 9 or 10 AM, as my exam is at.. 2PM. 3 hours and I'm done. I can't wait any longer. XD
  4. Kirito
    2012-06-18 11:28
    Take your time, I'm sure it'll still be on the store when you're ready to purchase.

    My list of top 5 Final Fantasy games are: X, IX, VII, VIII, VI

    I know, but the manager and people did say I'm really "something". I still don't know how to take that...

    Anyway glad that's been taken care of, so now you know. I'll watch my choice of wording.
  5. Ray
    2012-06-18 11:07
    I'll get if it I have some money to spare after I buy some things for myself this summer. And alright, will do.

    4th? Indeed. So what are your 2nd, and 3rd favourites?

    Ahh, that explains it. That must've been awkward. And funny. ;p

    Haha, no worries. I was just curious. xD
  6. Kirito
    2012-06-18 10:40
    Resident Evil 2, you'll enjoy it. When you do plan to play it, tell me! So I can help you understand the story better.

    Final Fantasy VIII is my fourth favourite in the series. The story, characters, and the premise was amazing and had you hooked making you want to know what will happen next.

    Normally we're not allowed to listen to music at work but since that day was stall as hell, that was the only exception. I can tell you this, while I was stocking the shelves I was singing the song out loud and the manager and customers were looking at me oddly amused...weird, huh. I only use the work computer to check emails, reply to people on this forum etc. Thank god it's fast.

    I'll be sure to fix the later thing it's habit I got from work. When I'm at work I do say it, but since today is my day off I'll be sure to fix it.
  7. Ray
    2012-06-18 10:25
    Oh, is it? Interesting.. I just might give it a go, then..

    Yeah, X is a great game. X-2 isn't too bad. My personal favourite is.. probably VIII. Squall! :3

    Ah, right. I was wondering if you were playing that song through the computer's speakers; that would've been funny. And ahaha, I see. So basically doing naughty stuff.

    "Later!". Not that's it bad, or anything; it just makes me think you're always in a hurry. Are you? xD
  8. Kirito
    2012-06-18 09:54
    Resident Evil 2 is a freaking beast! It's on the PSN for $20, so if you have time buy a points card and download it to your PS3.

    DmC is not getting my money. I'll *probably* rent it, but the chances of me doing so are nil.

    I'm still a fan of the Fantasy series. I didn't enjoy Final Fantasy XIII-XIII-2 because the story and the characters I just couldn't click with them. For XIII-2, you have to pay for the real ending...get the hell out of here Square Enix -_-! Final Fantasy X is my absolute fave in the series! I'm still hoping for XIII Versus to be good "crosses fingers".

    It's okay, I've been playing those series since I was really little till now. I recently added Persona, Arcana Heart, and Guilty Gear to my list recently because I didn't follow those series until a couple of years ago and now.

    Yeah, I wear headphones with the volume at a suitable level so I can hear the customers and manager. For "mess it up" like downloading software, going to "inappropriate sites" or looking at private documents etc.

    What do I say a lot...?
  9. Ray
    2012-06-18 09:41
    Wow. That's an impressive feat. Yeah, I've heard RE2 was really good. I've only played 1, 3, and 5, though. :/

    DmC! Yeah, the new one is.. ugh.. I *might* bother with it once it's like $20.

    Tales Of! I want to say I like the series but I've only really played Graces f (still gotta finish the future arc), and Eternia.

    Ah, Final Fantasy. Are you still a fan of this series after the last few games? XIII was good, but it just wasn't as good as the previous few entries, and I heard XIII-2 is pretty.. bad. Versus (or XIV?) still looks pretty awesome, I just hope it won't have to suffer through development hell like Duke Nukem: Forever did.

    But unfortunately, those are the only series I'd consider myself a fan of in your list. I've heard and seen loads about the other series, though.

    Ahh, I see. That's pretty nice you're allowed to listen to music at work. I'm assuming you have to listen to the music through headphones, yeah? xD And uh.. define "mess it up". P:

    You seem to say that a lot. XD
  10. Kirito
    2012-06-18 09:31
    I've played all the Resident Evil games and loved them to absolutely no end. RE 2 to this day is my favourite one in the series.

    As for other series I enjoy there's:

    Spoiler for Series List:

    At work it was a surprising slow day on a weekend...weird... Yeah, I'm allowed to listen to music but only if I'm working in the back area, which is rare for me at time, perfect time to listen to some music. Whenever people like you and others see me on this forum in the day or afternoon, I'm usual using the company computer at break, which we're allowed to just as long as we don't mess it up.

    You're be fine don't worry!

    Later dude!

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