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Conversation Between psycho_luny and 7h3 Ru551an
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  1. 7h3 Ru551an
    2011-10-19 13:17
    7h3 Ru551an
    Hopefully it will.
  2. psycho_luny
    2011-10-19 13:12
    of course it is, it's mine :P (there goes my ego blowing up into new heights)
    well it's something different...that's for sure...maybe it'll attract more people
  3. 7h3 Ru551an
    2011-10-19 11:31
    7h3 Ru551an
    Ah now I see whatyou mean, follow one character and write about his/her adventure. that's actually a pretty good idea.
  4. psycho_luny
    2011-10-19 09:44
    alright...who knows, maybe it'll attract loads of people
    well it's like writing a story on your own, about 1 character...but instead of writing it alone...several people write it...a bit like rp only you make an real story bout it...did i explain it good enough or was it rubbish what i said
  5. 7h3 Ru551an
    2011-10-18 17:15
    7h3 Ru551an
    Alright I'll make the thread, it's going to be quite a read though.
    You're going to have to explain this story idea a bit more.
  6. psycho_luny
    2011-10-18 16:49
    well you could try make a thread out of it...making it an non magical and non mechanical rp
    maybe that would attract more people...and as for ideas for about writing a story...instead of rp'ing with each his own character you each write an bout 8 line piece of the same character and each contueing where the last one left understand what i mean??
  7. 7h3 Ru551an
    2011-10-18 14:29
    7h3 Ru551an
    Yeah, the only friend that is pretty enthusiastic about rping was weylin other than that not many else. All I have right now is an idea for another rp, It's set in Japan during the feudal warlord times.
  8. psycho_luny
    2011-10-18 13:48
    on groups i got're in all the ones i'm in and bout in the group...i guess inviting friends you know and maybe creating a new thread
  9. 7h3 Ru551an
    2011-10-17 21:27
    7h3 Ru551an
    Either or I'm tossing around one right now.
  10. psycho_luny
    2011-10-17 14:16
    bout groups?? or in the groups??

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