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Conversation Between psycho_luny and 7h3 Ru551an
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  1. 7h3 Ru551an
    2011-10-17 10:13
    7h3 Ru551an
    Yo psycho, got any other rp ideas?
  2. psycho_luny
    2011-10-05 18:01
    psycho_luny char. has been inplanted already
  3. 7h3 Ru551an
    2011-10-05 17:37
    7h3 Ru551an
    I already did bro, I'll see what I'm going to toss in, if anything I'll wait on you to post and then I'll probably interact with your character.
  4. psycho_luny
    2011-10-05 15:20
    yo joining the soul eater group??
    it's not completely soul can make you own normal character if you want
  5. psycho_luny
    2011-02-17 17:55
    k...first thing tomorrow i'll hand over the arena to you and announce it
  6. 7h3 Ru551an
    2011-02-17 17:44
    7h3 Ru551an
    sure, i can handle the arena.
  7. psycho_luny
    2011-02-17 17:39
    hey...i'm gonna transfer the arena over to you...cuz really...i don't know if i'll be able come on so much anymore...just wanted to ask you before i did...if it's ok with you.
  8. psycho_luny
    2010-09-09 16:52
    yo russian...there's a new rp've gotta check it out...looks like a lot of fun
  9. psycho_luny
    2010-06-02 12:17
  10. 7h3 Ru551an
    2010-06-02 12:12
    7h3 Ru551an
    its okay =)

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